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Project Description


Steam Locomotive (SL) ‘TAIJU’

TOBU Railway CO.,LTD.

‘TAIJU’ is the Steam Locomotive (SL) which has revived along TOBU Railway for the first time in this half-century, in August 2017. Railway companies all over Japan have cooperated in order to revive the SL along TOBU Railway.
The SL “TAIJU”, which is called ‘C11207’, is the historical locomotive that was manufactured in 1941, and its double head-lights is the unique feature of this locomotive.
While 35minutes travel in the retro passenger cars pulled by SL “TAIJU”, you will see great nature along Tobu-Kinugawa Line and the heartwarming scenery, that is, local residents wave their hands to the SL.
In the cars, we provide you various services; the hospitality from the attendant who informs you tourist information in Nikko, the car sales where you can get the SL souvenir and taking memorial photos.
At the terminal stations (Shimo-Imaichi Station and Kinugawa-Onsen station), you will see the SL’s dynamic appearance when the SL does an about-face at the railway turntable.
Why don’t you enjoy the travel in Nikko where history, tradition, culture and nature coexist, with taking SL “TAIJU”!!

Service Area : Between Shimo-Imaichi Station and Kinugawa-Onsen Station(Tobu Kinugawa Line)
Travel Time : Approx.35 minutes / One-way
Service Schedule : Mainly on Saturdays and holidays
Capacity : Approx.200 seats

Fare : SL reserved seat charge;760 yen
*The basic fare ticket for the operation section will be required

in addition to the SL reserved seat ticket.

Available Discount Tickets : NIKKO PASS all area / NIKKO PASS world heritage area

Reservation Required : ○
Online Booking : ○
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