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Project Description



Tokyu Corporation

The Royal Express design is arounded in a form of universal functional beauty,while also expressing the unique identity of the Izu region in a sophisticated manner. For this purpose,it utilizes a highly universal design with materials and construction methods that combine cutting-edge technologies with traditional material and craftsmanship. The wonder of trip on The Royal Express is enhanced with a composition by violinist Jun-ei Ohsako based on the themes of “travel and music”. Elegant and creative meals produced by expert chefs.

Service Area : Yokohama to Izukyu-Shimoda
Travel Time : About 3 hours
Service Schedule : About two days of a week
Capacity : One hundred seats
Fare : Gold Class:26,000yen / Platinum Class:39,000yen / Cruise Plan:150,000yen

Reservation Required : ○
Online Booking : ○
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