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Project Description



shinano railway Co.,Ltd

A new, classic train has been introduced by Shinano Railway, running from Karuizawa, full of nature and culture, through Ueda, the historical city, to Nagano, the home of Zenkoji Temple.
There are communal spaces for everyone to enjoy, and our dining cars give you a chance to have richness of local grown food from the mountains Shinshu.
Running through the crisp highland air, the sightseeing train Rokumon lets you soak up the warm atmosphere of our cars, constructed from local Shinshu timber.
We created a pleasant and warm lounge-like space using abundant lumber from the Nagano Prefecture. We provide a trip where you can ride from Karuizawa to Nagano touring the history and culture of the land, while enjoying the relaxing scenery and scrumptious dining on the Shinano Railway.
※Train car design:Eiji Mitooka (Don Design Labs Co., Ltd.)

Service Area : Karuizawa~Nagano
Travel Time : about 2 hours
Service Schedule : Weekends and Holidays.
Capacity : 72 seats

Fare : 【Reserved seat ticket plan】Travel fare and Reserved seat ticket
(Adult 1,020yen)
【Meal plan/NAGANO premium wine plan】15,100yen

Reservation Required : ○
Online Booking : ○
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