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Project Description


Kotatsu Train / Western-style Kotatsu Train

Sanriku Railway, Co., Ltd.

In March 23, 2019, the train line between Miyako and Kamaishi is reopening as the Sanriku Railway Rias Line, after eight years of inactivity due to the Great East Japan earthquake and tsunami. Tourist trains running on this line include the “O-zashiki Train” and the “Retro Train” from which scenery such as the beautiful natural features of the famous Sanriku and ria coastlines can be enjoyed.

Service Area :  Kuji~Miyako (Kotatsu Train) , Sakari~Kamaishi (Western-style Kotatsu Train)
Travel Time :  Approx. 1hr 40mins (Kotatsu Train) , Approx. 50mins (Western-style Kotatsu Train)
Service Schedule : December – February
Capacity : No reserved seating
Fare : ¥300

Available Discount Tickets : N/A
Reservation Required : Not required
Online Booking : ×
Website : https://www.sanrikutetsudou.com/en/