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Project Description



Eizan Railway

“Oval” motif boldly expresses the concepts of “Mystical atmosphere” and “Dynamism transcending time and space”. These concepts are exemplified by the two destinations of Eizan Railway lines, Mt.Hiei and Mt.Kurama, which hold solemn and sacred atmosphere, deep history, earth energy and power.The stripe patterns on the side of the train symbolize fog covering Mt.Hiei.
The baguette style seats are designed for maximum comfort. It is easy to know the sitting space for individual passenger by its forms, and its design makes the seats more relaxing and cozy.
For lighting, the train is installed LED downlight, which was first among the trains of Eizan Railway. Its gentle lighting brings the sense of “extraordinary mood”.

Service Area : Demachiyanagi sta.~Yase-Hieizanguchi sta.
Travel Time : 14 min.
Service Schedule : every day (unavailable on Tuesday)
Fare : ¥270

Available Discount Tickets : ×
Reservation Required : ×
Website : https://eizandensha.co.jp/en/