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Flying Monorail / Urban Flyer

Chiba Urban Monorail

Chiba Urban Monorail which run through Chiba City’s sky is a very convenient public transportation for traveling around the city. It links between the city center, the inner and coastal areas, and it is useful when visiting places such as Chiba Port Tower, Chiba Zoological Park and Special Historic Site Kasori Shell Mounds. Particularly in the heart of Chiba City, you can enjoy the monorail tracks weaving through the buildings, and the trains leisurely sliding along with the urban landscape nowhere else.

The suspended-type monorail which trains hanging from the rail beams is an exceptionally eye-catching form of transportation, not only in Japan, but also in the world. On June 27th, 2001, the Chiba Urban Monorail created a Guinness World Record for the world’s longest operating distance as a suspended-type monorail (15.2km).

In the Tokyo 2020, eight events will be held at Makuhari Messe, located near Kaihimmakuhari Station (JE13). If you travel from Narita International Airport, Chiba Urban Monorail Line will easily connect between JR Sobu Line (JO) and JR Keiyo Line (JE) at Tsuga Station (JO30) and Chibaminato Station (JE16), and conveniently take you to Kaihimmakuhari Station.

Have a nice “flight” onboard one of the world-renowned monorails.

Service Area : Chibaminato~Chiba~Kenchomae / Chibaminato~Chiba~Chishirodai
Travel Time : 9 minutes / 30 minutes
Service Schedule : Every day
Fare : One Day Free Ticket : Adults 630 yen / Children 320 yen

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Online Booking : ×
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