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Project Description


Coto Coto Train

Heisei Chikuho Railway Co., Ltd.

The Coto Coto Train, designed by designer/illustrator Eiji Mitooka, is based on the concept of “relaxation, delicious food, and fun”. We hope that you enjoy the amazing combination of the radiant deep crimson exterior, the warmth of the wooden interior and the stained glass ceilings of the train, as well as a 6-course French dining experience that uses ingredients from the nature-rich surrounding area of the train line.

Service Area : Nogata – Tagawaita – Nogata – Yukuhashi
Travel Time : 3 hrs 20 mins
Service Schedule : Weekends and public holidays (charter use)
Capacity : 48
Fare :  14,800 yen (Includes fare as well as food and services)

Available Discount Tickets : Not available
Reservation Required : Required
Online Booking : Available
Website :