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Fascination of Gifu Prefecture

Gifu Prefecture

It is located at the center of Japan. There are still remaining beautiful nature such as the Hida mountains in Northern part and the beautiful river, that is selected to one of 100 famous mineral waters in southern part for its prefecture. Nagaragawa Ukai, which is cormorant fishing, is held in Negara liver near the Gifu castle every day from 11th May to 15th Oct except the harvest moon and the rise of a river. This fishing has been continuing since 1300 years before, so that it was loved by many distinguished people such as Nobunaga Oda; famous feudal load and Charles Chaplin.

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Takayama City

Takayama Festival is one of three major beautiful festival, as well as Sanno Festival and Hachiman Festival. It has been originated in the end of 16th to 17th century. Hundreds of people join the parade in this Fest. It includes the performance called ‘Toukeigaku’, which is one of Sinto ritual. Some people wear the Hakama; traditional Japanese costume. You can enjoy traditional festival music (Ohayashi) and ancient court music (gagaku) and (Shishimai)Lion dance there as well! In the nighttime, each float will be decorated by a hundred lantern, that is very beautiful scene. The Fest will be held on 9th and 10th Oct.

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Mino City

This city still remains an old townscape and was selected to one of the Preserved Districts for Groups of Traditional Buildings in Japan. Mino-Washi has been made there since 1300 years ago with using the original method. Mino-Washi Art festival held in every October. The lighting object with using Mino-Washi are decorated beautifully all over this traditional town during the festival!

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The Gasshou Zukuri villages in Sirakawa-go were listed as sites of The World Heritage.
The Gasshou Zukuri is very unique architecture to protect from tremendous snowfall. The oldest house was built more than 300 years ago and people use it now also! We can visit and even stay in this unique house!

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Shin-Hotaka Ropeway

It is located near Okuhida Onsen village. You can see very scenic beauty from the window inside Ropeway! There is the observatory, just take Ropeway No, 1 from Shin-Hotaka station to Nishi hotake station (2156 m) and Ropeway No,2 which is the first double deck cabins in Japan. It is amazing experience to see beautiful mountains such as the Northern Alps; Kasagatake,Yarigatake, Okuhotaka dake, from observatory.

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News & Topics

Tokyo was chosen to host the 2020 Olympic Games.

The main venue of the Tokyo Olympic Games will be held at the New National Stadium called Shin-Kokuritsu Kyogijyo. 1 out of 46 proposed design for the stadium was being selected from the International Design Competition.
This stadium will have a retractable roof to accommodate various weather conditions for varieties of event, such as sport festivals and cultural events, etc.. It is scheduled to be completely finished in 2019!

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JNTO heartily Welcomes the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games!

Autumn foliage info

In Japan, we can enjoy to see that the leaves are turning yellow and red beautifully all over the Japan, from Mt Taisetsuzan in Hokkaido, to Kyushu during 3 months!

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Fun Times in Japan – Post Your Theme Park Enjoyment

There are many exciting promotion on the website, such as photo contests, and you can check many info about popular theme park! This promo is the part of the 40th Anniversary of Japan-ASEAN friendship and cooperation is also for kicking off the project to get one million visitors from Southeast Asia.

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Airport information in Japan   Chubu International Airport

Hotspring, Samurai Lab

It is named as ‘Centrair’. It is located in Nagoya, the center of Japan, that is why it is very convenient to go to major cities, such as Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto because there is a direct bullet train to those cities. You can try the fine view bath where there is the first domestic airport in Japan, with seeing airplanes on the 4th floor. They also have Jacuzzi, sauna, and other baths. There is Samurai Lab on the 1st floor. The theme of the exhibitions is Samurai Tourism as well as armors and folding screens on the area. You can take pictures with armors, and check the historical book in the library there.
Everyday Philippine Airlines and Delta Airlines offer two flights between Manila and Chubu International Airport.

Free Wi-Fi Service

The Wi-Fi area were expanded inside the airport terminal building. It is available to use the Wi-Fi if you can have laptop or smart phone.

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The driving information inside the central

Central Nippon Expressway Pass 2013

Central Nippon Expressway Pass 2013 is available for foreign people.
The highway tolls are cheaper if you use the ETC card with target rental car companies.
But persons who have valid drive license have the capacity to drive in Japan.

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Rental Car Guide(Youtube)

ANA Experience Japan Fare

Get the most out of your trip to Japan with discount airfare!10,500 yen/sector from north to south.The "Experience JAPAN Fare" expands your travel range and plans.

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Notable Events & Festivals


CEATEC is the biggest international exhibition for IT and electronics related Japanese and international companies and association. It is held every October. This year’s schedule is from 1st to 5th Oct in Makuhari Messe.

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Event in Philippines(Japan related)
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Cosplaymania 5th, 6th Oct 2013、SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia

Enjoy More!

Enjoy Sake!

This is the story of one American man who works at sake brewery in Japan. He introduces what kind of alcohol the sake is, and how to produce it, which is very traditional way. You can enjoy reading it and get some information about Japanese alcohols, such as beer, wine, shochu, and whisky.

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Gozabune is the luxury and gorgeous boat for the person of feudal load in Edo Period. It named ‘Atakemaru’ which is the same name as Gozabune of Tokugawa Iemitsu, the famous SHOGUN in Edo period. This cruise has just started!

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