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Mt. Fuji

Road to be World Heritage
Mt. Fuji was provisionally registered with the UNESCO World Cultural Heritage in 2007 and was announced to the world as a cultural heritage candidate. In order to get Mt. Fuji to be World Cultural Heritage, they have been making efforts for educational activities and information dissemination towards home and abroad. The nomination form was submitted to UNESCO in 2012 and on May 1st 2013 the road to definitive registration was finally opened.

Mt. Fuji station

Fuji-san(Mt.) station

FUJI KYUKO trains run from “O-tsuki station” to “Lake Kawaguchi station”. When you go to Oshino or Lake Kawaguchi, you can experience the switch-back run at Fuji-san station or should leave the train and take mountain bus there if you are going to Mt. Fuji. It’s a very comfortable spot to visit with some attractions such as local gourmet restaurant, souvenirs of Yamanashi or Shizuoka, shops of special handcrafts and view deck of Mt. Fuji.

Mt. Fuji Shiba-zakura(Moss phlox blossom) fest. 2013

Visiting this biggest flower festival of metropolitan area must be amazing experience for you. 800000 of Moss phlox bloom in 2.4 ha ground of the Mt. Fuji foothills in beautiful color contrast. Also enjoy various 80 food menu such as “Fujinomiya yakisoba noodle” and 100 of souvenirs like “Fuji Shiba-zakura Manju” (original sweets salted Moss phlox leaf kneaded dough) . You can enjoy not only watching the view of Shiba-zakura but having delicious foods and shopping.

Duration : Apr. 13 – Jun. 2 2013 8 am – 5 pm

※ Open at 6 am in May. 3 -6, 11,12

Location: Fuji Lake Motosu Resort

(212 Motosu Kawaguchi-ko cho Minami-tsuru gun Yamanashi Pref.)

Fuji-Q Highland

The famous amusement park with the view of Mt. Fuji h has various attractions. Guinness record class thrilling roller coasters such as “Takabisha (fall in 121 degree)” , The world most “rolling” coaster “Eejanaika”, “FUJIYAMA”, “Dodonpa” and ”Saikyo Senritsu Meikyu (means the most horrible labyrinth) are waiting for you. There also is easy-going theme park of “Thomas and Friends”. Every younger and families can enjoy this amusement park together. Location: 5-6-1 Shin-nishihara Fuji-yoshida city Yamanashi PREF (Nearby Kawaguchi-ko interchange (cloverleaf) of Tyuo-expressway).

Mt. Fuji related information from Yamanashi Pref. and Shizuoka Pref.
Fuji International Tourism Association

They are introducing the appeal of “Fuji Kawagudchi-ko town”, the rich natural city at the foot of Mt. Fuji.

Facebook “Fuji International Tourism Association – Fuji Kawaguchi-ko town” Visit Website

<Related website> “Fuji-san Mall” Portal site to enjoy the Fuji Five Lakes and Mt. Fuji

Reasonable tickets for Mt. Fuji

Fuji Hakone Pass(From Shinjuku to the Fuji area)
The Fuji Hakone Pass is valid for 3 days and exclusive to non-Japanese visitors. It covers excursion travel in the popular Fuji and Hakone areas. The pass includes discount round-trip transport from Tokyo (Shinjuku) (on the Odakyu Line and the Chuo Highway Bus), unlimited use of specified transport in the Hakone and Fuji areas, and discounts on entrance and other fees to about 60 museums and restaurants.
Prices: Adults 7,200 yen Children 3,600 yen

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Mt. Fuji 2-Day Climbing Tour (

News & Topics

Setouchi Art fest – Summer

Setouchi Art fest is held once in 3 years.
This year, it will be held 3 times a year, means spring, summer and autumn for guests to travel around islands. 210 artists from 23 countries and regions join this event and about 200 of art works are displayed in several places of islands. You can enjoy Setouchi’s beautiful view of nature and art works all at once.

Durations: Jul. 20 – Sep. 1 2013 (44days)
Locations: 8 islands in Setouchi, Takamatsu seaport, Uno seaport

(Noshima, Teshima, Megijima, Ogijima, Shodoshima, Ohshima, Inujima, Ibukijima )

Benesse Art Site Naoshima

【Benesse House】
Benesse Art Site Naoshima is general term of art activities Benesse Holdings, Inc., and Foundation for Fukutake Foundation has developed in some islands of the Seto Inland Sea, Naoshima, Teshima and Inujima.

By placing a contemporary art and architecture in the local culture and unique nature of the Seto Inland Sea which can be called the original landscape of Japan, that it will create a special place is the basic stance of "Benesse Art Site Naoshima".
They deal with a number of projects in the three islands such as “HOUSE Project” and underground museum, Teshima Art Museum and Inujima Metal Refinery Museum.

Organization for Promotion of Tourism in Shikoku

A website that disseminates information to help tourism and travel in Shikoku.
It introduces tourist information, access to each area, event information and sample travel route of Shikoku trip.



For foreigners, JR started selling reasonable pass ticket on Apr. 1st. With this pass, you can go around all lines (about 1,100 km) of 6 railway companies in Shikoku.

  • Prices: 2 days 6,300 Yen(3,150 Yen
  •            3 days 7,200 Yen(3,600 Yen)
  •            4 days 7,900 Yen(3,950 Yen
  •            5 days 9,700 Yen(4,850 Yen)

Child(age 6-11) half price

Model Route with ALL SHIKOKU Rail pass

Setouchi Art Island & Matsuyama, Nanyo Cultural Trip
You can visit some cities and have various experiences such as seeing art or visiting cultural, historical architectures in Takamatsu, Kotohira, Matsuyama with ALL SHIKOKU Rail pass for 3days.


Takamatsu: Seeing Art in island of Setouchi Art Fest.

Kotohira : Visiting nation specified important cultural properties, “Kanemaru-za” (famous Konpira Kabuki stage)

Matsuyama : Japanese oldest hot spring “Dogo Onsen”

Tourist information desk in Shibuya station

Tokyu- Tokyo metro Shibuya station tourist information desk has renewal opened on Mar. 16th. It provides useful information for visitors from all over the world.

As a Japan National Tourism Organization authorized tourist desk for foreigners (Visit-Japan desk), English speaking staffs are stationed.

Location: Second underground floor walkway of Shibuya station (near the Miyamasuzaka center ticket gate)

Available hour: 10am〜7pm


  • ・Transportation information, mainly in the Tokyo metropolitan area
  • ・Tourist guide of along railway lines of Shibuya
  • ・Station guide of Shibuya
  • ・Maps and guidebooks

Notable Events & Festivals

Tohoku Rokkon festival

The festival started after the earthquake on Mar. 11 2011 in hope of reconstruction. 370000 people for Sendai city in first year, 250000 people for Morioka city in second year came to join the festival and Tohoku people showed the world the spirit of indomitable.

This year, as the 3rd year, it will be held in Fukushima city under the theme of Fortune.

  • Duration: Jun. 1st 2013 10 am〜6pm
  •                 Jun. 2nd 2013 10am〜5pm
  • Location:Fukushima city
  • Festivals:
  • 1. Aomori Nebuta Festival: Lantern Tanabata festival as a prototype, huge lanterns called nebuta make parade
  • 2. Akita Kanto Festival: Event to purificate illness and specters of midsummer. Guys freely manipulate the huge Kanto of 50 kg weight, 12 m height.
  • 3,Morioka Sansa odori Festival: Derived from a local legend that people danced with saying ”SANSA SANSA” as rejoiced dispersing the demon.
  • 4.Yamagata Hanagasa Festival: Wearing umbrella which treated safflower, dancers of fascinating costumes dance.
  • 5.Sendai Tanabata Festival: The Japanese biggest Tanabata festival continued from the Masamune Date era.
  • 6.Fukushima Waraji Festival: Festival of wishes to keep health of foot since ancient times, has been held after the large straw sandals, which is dedicated to local Ashio shrine.

Enjoy More!

Japanese sweets and snacks

Tokyo Okashi (sweets) Land

On Apr. 14th 2012, it opened in Tokyo station as Japanese first sweets themed antenna shops zone of Japanese representative three major confectionery makers.
In addition of “Glico・YA Kitchen (Ezaki Glico)”, “Morinaga’s Okashina Okashiyasan (Morinaga)” and “Calbee plus (Calbee)”, time limited shops also opening. You can taste and buy freshly sweets made in the kitchen in the store and can find the lineup of some regional limited products and goods only for here.

Morinaga’s Okashi-na Okashi-yasan (Morinaga)

There are various original goods or shop limited snacks featured “Kyoro-chan”, popular character not only in Japan but also in China and Taiwan.
Among them, Choco-balls, big caramel box, handmade chocolate house kit, cream cheese tart and “Dars” fondant chocolate are especially popular

Shiroi Koibito (ISHIYA)

Popular sweets in airports

Selection of popular souvenir at Narita Airport


8 pcs /box 1,000 Yen(953 Yen w/o Tax)
A soft fluffy sponge cake filled with plenty of smooth banana custard cream.

Visit Website

Ginza Tamaya

Tokyo Tamago “Goma Tamago”
8 pcs/box 700 Yen(667 Yen w/o Tax)

A cute egg-shaped sweet, coated with white chocolate and wrapped in sponge cloth sesame bean paste and black sesame paste.
Please enjoy fine harmony of four-layer.

Also available below

12 pcs/box 1,050 Yen(1,000 Yen w/o Tax)

18 pcs/box 1,550 Yen(1,477 Yen w/o Tax)

Visit Website


“Petit cinq delices”
2,100 Yen/ box
The 5 kind cookies assortment.various taste of added nuts and chocolate.

Cigare x 4pieces
Double chocolat au lait x 12 pieces
Double chocolat blanc x 5 pieces
Billet aux amandes x 6 pieces
Bateau du macadamia x 8 pieces

Visit Website

JNTO Website

Visit Website
Duty free shops in airport

JAPAN DUTY FREE in Narita airport – This Japanese oldest duty free shop has four stores in Terminal 2 and Terminal 1 of Narita airport. Under the knowledge and experience of many years, every item are carefully selected in the taste, of course, after-sales service is perfect. In addition, you can make pre-reservation by telephone and Internet or FAX. Select before departure at home and easily receive at the airport.

The more, they have pre-reservation point card service for exchanging with shopping ticket.

”Japanese charming souvenir contest 2013” judgment results publication

On Feb. 22nd 2013, judgment results of ”Japanese charming souvenir contest 2013” (sponsored by The Tourism Authority) was published. It is intended to promote the visit to Japan or to tell abroad the charm of Japan through the souvenir, by promoting regional brand with discovering and developing Japanese especially attractive souvenirs in the view of quality or design seen from the foreigner.
“Un-ryu washi (Japanese paper) lump” (Hirose sosaku kogei, Kyoto) was selected for the grand prix from 636 entries.

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