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Come visit us in the Visit Japan Pavilion at the 20th Travel Tour Expo 2013, held from February 15 to 17, 2013, at SMX Manila Hall 1-4. The Visit Japan Pavilion consists of 12 booths, which is a total of 108 square meters! In this area, you will find All Nippon Airways Co., LTD (booth #127,128), Japan Airlines Co., Ltd.(#104,105), ATTIC Tours Phils., Inc. (#124,129) and Universal Holidays, Inc. (#103, 108), as our co-exhibitors. In the JNTO booth (#106,107,125,126), located at the center of the Visit Japan Pavilion, you will find Sanrio Entertainment and Hotel Universal Port, along with many brochures from all over Japan, to provide you with the latest information.

Join our exciting activities and events at the Visit Japan Pavilion! Meet and greet photo activity with Hello Kitty who flew all the way from Japan. Win a prize! Be a fan and ‘Like’ the JNTO Facebook page at the JNTO booth.
There is also a Japanese calligraphy demonstration by Japan Foundation Manila, photo opportunity with cosplayers at the PENTAX photo corner, Sushi exhibit by TANABE, a mini talk show about Airism with special guests by UNIQLO, Karate demonstration and more!

Find out more about the 20th Travel Tour Expo 2013 at

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Visit theme parks and museums in Japan!

Adachi Museum Garden – ranked at number one in Japan for the 10th consecutive year!
Experience Cool Japan – recommended website

Winter events and recommended spots - colored white by snow

Check out more saving and convenient ways of traveling from airports

Meet The New JAPAN Campaign 2013

EDO WONDERLAND (Nikko, Tochigi prefecture)

Edo Wonderland is a fully themed castle town from Japan’s Edo era (1603-1867). Imageofthepark.pngImage of the parkEnjoy watching traditional performances, walk around the town with a gourmet snack from a food stall, and feel as if you have been transported back through time to the Edo period. The “Ninja Karasu Yashiki” is a popular Ninja performance, brought back to the stage in April 2012 after a 10 year hiatus. Watch the “unbeatable Miyamoto Musashi” in this dynamic fighting performance at Fire Watchtower’s open-air stage.
Look out for special seasonal events, such as Setsubun (the day before the changing of the seasons), the festival of Edo in February and the Peach festival in March.[FLASH ver.]

Scenery in spring.pngScenery in springOiran Parade.pngOiran ParadeImage of “Tenkamuso, Miyamoto Musashi.pngImage of “Tenkamuso, Miyamoto Musashi”

Tokyo Disney Resort (Urayasu, Chiba prefecture)

Tokyo Disney Resort (Urayasu, Chiba prefecture).png
The Tokyo Disney Resort consists of two theme parks,“Tokyo Disneyland” and “Tokyo DisneySea”.This magical place is where you step inside and experience the dreamland of Disney, from the hotels, shopping and restaurants to the “Ikspiari” cinema complex. The resort is an entertainment wonderland. It is located in the city of Urayasu, Chiba, about 15 minutes by train from Tokyo station.
At “Tokyo Disneyland” you can experience the world of Disney’s masterpieces, favorite characters popular for more than 50 years. – from Mickey Mouse and Minnie Mouse, to Snow White, Pinocchio and Cinderella.tokyodesney.png(C)Disney
“Tokyo DisneySea” is the second theme park in the resort, with the myths and stories of the sea as its theme.A popular choice is to stay at the “Tokyo DisneySea Hotel MiraCosta” where you can fully immerse yourself in the world of DisneySea.
Take your experience to new limits when you become part of the show and join in with cast members on stage and at various shows throughout each theme park.

“Star Tours : The Adventures Continue” Grand Opening 7th May 2013

Star Tours, opened in 1989 at Tokyo Disneyland, will be completely renovated for the first time since the ride’s opening. This new attraction features more than 50 possible story combinations on every ride, produced through the random selection of multiple scenarios specially created for each scene of the rides’ duration. Guests will be able to experience unlimited thrills and new excitement every time they ride Star Tours.

*Tokyo Disney Resort is serviced by direct bus (fee applies).
For full details, please check with the bus company.

Bus Travel Times
●From Narita Airport: about 1 hour ● From Haneda Airport: about 45 minutes
●From Tokyo station: about 35 minutes ● From Akihabara station: about 35 minutes
●From Shinjuku station: about 50 minutes
●From Yokohama station: about 55 minutes

Universal Studios Japan (Osaka, Osaka prefecture)

In Universal Studios Japan, guests can fully immerse themselves in the experience of Hollywood movie-based rides and show attractions that features state-of-the-art technologies. Highly popular characters including Snoopy, Hello Kitty and Sesame Street appear in numbers of live show performances. Throughout the Park is filled with high quality and highly-themed entertainment offerings. Universal Studios Japan has won globally recognized industry awards for the gorgeously illuminated night parade “Magical Starlight Parade“ and for the space travel-themed ride attraction “Space Fantasy The Ride.

*Access from the airport
●From Kansai International Airport
Approx. 45 min. by limousine bus
Approx. 70 min. Universal City Station by train
●From Osaka Itami Airport
Approx. 45 min. by limousine bus
Approx. 45 min. Universal City Station by train
Characters of “Universal Wonderland”.pngCharacters of “Universal Wonderland”
Flying Snoopy.png“Flying Snoopy”
© 2011 Sesame Workshop
© 2011 Peanuts
© ’76, ’99, ’11 SANRIO APPROVAL NO. EJ1051301
© & ® Universal Studios.

Shin-Yokohama Raumen Museum(Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture)


yokohama.pngImage of the museumBorn of the concept of “Gourmet travel minus the airfare” this foodies theme park was the result of famous regional ramen noodle houses from across Japan getting together to set up shop in one location. Among the nine ramen vendors are the famous “Mennobou Toride” from Shibuya (Tokyo), “Komurasaki” from Kumamoto and “Sumire” from Sapporo. Visitors can also enjoy trivia and the history of ramen at the museum. The Ramen museum is not just a meal, but an experience. The building interior is themed in the old world charm and atmosphere of Showa era Japan. Enjoy watching a antique picture-card story and events at the museum square.

Mennobou Toride.pngRamen from “Mennobou Toride”

Huis Ten Bosch (Sasebo, Nagasaki prefecture)


Image of the park.pngImage of the parkThe Kingdom of Light.pngThe Kingdom of Light
The Huis Ten Bosch resort is a faithful reproduction of a Dutch village,
surrounded by canals full of cruising boats,
lovely windmillsand colorful flower gardens. This spacious 152 hectare resort is full of restaurants,
shops, museums and many unique attractions. Stay at one of the hotels and enjoy a unique, relaxed time.

●”The Kingdom of Light and Fire” : From 31 December 2012 to February 2013

After sunset, the park is beautifully and vividly illuminated. The Palace of Light is lit up, along with special fire decoration to become “The Palace of Light and Fire”.
The garden becomes the “Flowers of Light and Fire”, which is a combination of fire and illumination. Don’t miss on the special performances planned for the event period. See “Japan Marvelous”, a Japanese drum performance, “Fire Pixie” a fire performance including juggling and fire-eating, as well as “Dadadadan Tenko” an exciting mix of Japanese drums with influences of western music, drama performance and humor.

●”The Kingdom of Darkness” reborn : From 2 February to 10 March 2013

For a limited time, come enjoy the special attraction “The Kingdom of Darkness”,
supercharged with all new images and more powerful sound effects.

Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise(Yokohama, Kanagawa prefecture)

An amusement island surrounded by sea, the Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise is a place for everyone from small children to adults to enjoy. The island has so many things to do and experience - three different themed aquariums, various attractions, shops, restaurants and hotels. You will find that one day is just not enough! At the “Aqua Museum”, one of the three aquariums on site, you will find crowd favorites like the world’s largest fish - whale sharks, as well as the world’s biggest school of sardines, over 50,000 fish! The “Marine Mammals Show” with its Hawaiian theme, is another popular attraction.

March 2013 marks the opening of a new facility, designed in a new style with the concept of “Umiiku” (learn and experience the marine ecosystem). Get ready for an even more exciting, more powerful Yokohama Hakkeijima Sea Paradise experience!


Shiroi Koibito Park(Sapporo, Hokkaido prefecture)

“Shiroi Koibito” is a favorite souvenir among visitors to Hokkaido .At the Shiroi Koibito Park visitors can observe and learn about the production process, like layering the chocolate between freshly baked ‘lang-de-char’ cookies, as well as the big attraction, the taste testing! Enjoy making your own Shiroi Koibito Cookies at the workshop, try Ishiya’s original sweets at the café, or visit the private soccer training ground of “Consadole Sapporo”,Hokkaido’sviewfromoutside.pngView from outside professional soccer team,located next to the Shiroi Koibito Park, to cheer on the players.production.pngProduction line of Shiroi Koibito cookie

Hokkaido Konbukan(Nanae-cho, Hokkaido prefecture)

Hokkaido Konbukan is a museum where visitors can enjoy and learn the process of production of Konbu from the exhibition. In the Dome Theater (16 meters in diameter), see how the drift ice gives nourishment to konbu, how workers collect konbu from the sea etc. Try konbu flavored ice cream, or take a look at the special konbu souvenirs available for purchase from the gift shop. ※In Japanese only

●Address : 32-1, Tougeshita, Nanae-cho, Kameda-gun, Hokkaido
Phone : +81-138-66-2000
Operating hours : 09:00 – 17:00 daily (closed on 31 December and 01 January)
Access : From JR Hakodate station, 40 minutes by bus

Dome.pngDome Theaterfactory.pngKonbu Factory

スクリーンショット 2012-12-19 17.14.07.png

yasugi.pngLocated in the city of Yasugi, Shimane prefecture, Adachi Museum of Art is famous for not only the beautiful Japanese gardens but also for the largest and greatest collection of the artwork of Yokoyama Taikan. In the official 2012 Japanese Garden rankings of the American magazine of Japanese Garden “Sukiya Living/Journal of Japanese Gardening”, Adachi Museum Garden has been ranked at the number one Japanese gardens for a tenth consecutive year. The detail and care of the garden maintenance is highly praised.

All Nippon Airways (ANA) is running a campaign “IS JAPAN COOL?” to attractvisitors to Japan from all over the world. The website introduces Japanese attractive landscapes, culture and new attractions. It is up to visitors to the website to judge whether the featured items are “cool” or not. Currently, the website is featuring the culture of ‘cosplay’ via its recent collaboration with the “World Cosplay Summit 2012” held on the 4th August 2012. Vote which cosplayer you think is the coolest. The first round of the “Cool culture of Japan” campaign and the second round of “Tokyo & Okinawa” has finished but you can still check out the videos online.

スクリーンショット 2013-02-01 20.04.39.png


スクリーンショット 2013-02-01 20.08.10.pngThe website “asianbeat” delivers pop culture of local Fukuoka and Japan to Asian countries. Trending information is carefully selected from manga, animation, fashion, pop music, and cosplay. The website is viewable in English language, as well as 6 other Asian languages.


From fashion to culture, Japan Hot Now provides insight into Japan’s “now” which tourists may not know. japanhot.pngVisit the website and catch up on current trends such as“Koji items (products made from rice-malt)” which originated from popular salted rice malt, or “false eyelashes & eyelash extensions” essential items for Japanese girls at the moment.

スクリーンショット 2013-02-01 20.09.13.png

Jigokudani Yaen-koen (Snow Monkey Park - Yamanouchi town, Nagano prefecture)
When to see monkeys in the hot springs : Around December to March

Meet snow monkeys


Jigokudani Yaen-koen is located in the Yokoyu River valley within Joshinetsu Kogen Natioanal Park in northern Nagano prefecture. Here you can observe Nihon-zaru monkeys living in their natural environment throughout the year. See newborn baby monkeys in spring, babies as they play together in summer, as well as adult monkeys becoming active in autumn. The most popular season to visit the park, however, is in winter when you can observe monkeys bathing in a natural hot spring. This spectacle has attracted many visitors not only from across Japan but also from around the world.
The best time to see many monkeys enjoy bathing in the hot springs are on the days of heavy snowfall. You will see monkeys falling asleep, relaxing, looking very comfortable! Do not forget to prepare yourself for a cold day, temperatures can drop at times to minus 10 degrees and below.

The 64th Sapporo Snow Festival(Sapporo, Hokkaido prefecture)
When : 5 to 11 February 2013

One of Japan’s largest festivals of snow and ice

snow.pngThe “Sapporo Snow Festival”was first held in 1950 and is snow2.pngTajMahal(c)HBCstaged in Hokkaido’s capital city, Sapporo. The main street of Odori features various snow sculptures and statues of all sizes. The Susukino exhibits feature many beautiful, crystal-like ice sculptures. snow3.pngAll artworks are made entirely of snow and ice, and are created to minute detail.At night the artworks are illuminated up and become even more romantic. The difference nighttime makes to the scenery is an absolute must see.

Yokote Kamakura Snow Festival(Yokote, Akita prefecture)
When : 15 & 16 February 2013

Enjoy spending time with local children in a Kamakura dome


The 400 year old festival is based on a ceremony to worship the water gods. A house (dome) made by carving out a mound of snow is called a “Kamakura”, it is said that originally Kamakura were places where an alter was set up to honor the water gods and to pray for the safety of family members, success for their business and for abundant harvests. The tradition survives to this day, with about 100 Kamakura domes created in Yokote during the festival, were children call to passers-by “please come inside” or “please pray for water gods” and invite them into the Kamakura to offer sweet fermented rice brew and rice cakes.|en)

Icebreaker ship in Okhotsk Sea(Monbetsu and Abashiri, Hokkaido)
When : mid January to March

Experience drift ice, unique to Hokkaido


The Sea of Okhotsk are the most northern waters of Japan, and the drift ice that covers the coast of the sea between mid January and March is listed as a Hokkaido Heritage item. The icebreaker cruise is the best way to experience the powerful drift ice; highlights of the cruise are the sound and the impact of icebreaking by the ship’s hull, and seeing the mysterious and intriguing seascape. (Reservations are required.) You will also enjoy observing the wild animals living on the drift ice. In early February, the Monbetsu Drift Ice Festival is held in the Monbetsu city, when the whole city comes alive to the spectacle.

●Garinko 2 – the icebreaker ship at the Sea of Okhotsk

To Monbetsu city :
About 1 hour 45 minutes by flight, from Haneda Airport (Tokyo) to Okhotsk
Monbetsu Airport, then about 15 minutes by airport bus

●Aurora - Abashiri Drift Ice Shightseeing & Icebreaker Ship

To Abashiri city :
About 1 hour 50 minutes by flight, from Haneda Airport (Tokyo) to Memanbetsu
Airport, then about 20 minutes by airport bus

“Juhyo” – Ice trees at Zao(Yamagata, Yamagata prefecture)
When : late December to early March

Mysterious world created by snow and wind

スクリーンショット 2013-01-07 16.49.25.pngスクリーンショット 2013-01-07 16.49.38.png

Soft rime (ice trees) is a phenomenon when trees take bulbous shapes as they are coated in snow. Because of the shape, they are also known as Ice Monsters. Ice monsters only form when there are a few special conditions; for example, constant strong wind from one direction and temperatures must be kept not too warm to melt the snow and not too cold for snow to fall heavily. These rare climate conditions mean that ice monsters only appear in Zao and a very limited number of mountains in Japan. More than 10,000 ice monsters are visible on the mountain in Zao while you enjoy skiing, snowboarding or snow trekking. Also these ice monsters are lit up at night, which adds to the mysterious atmosphere, especially when viewed from above via the ropeway. They form between December and March, but the best time to see them is in February.

●Association of Zao Hot Springs Tourism
・Rail:2 hours 30 minutes from Tokyo station to Yamagata station by JR Yamagata
Shinkansen Line, then 40 minutes by bus from Yamagata Station
・Air:1 hour from Tokyo Haneda Airport to Yamagata Airport, then 1 hour by taxi/car

East Japan Railway Company


Narita Airport ~Tokyo & Yokohama area
For ordinary cars (economy section) JPY3,500 one way, JPY5,500 return

jr2.pngSuica with the Limited design of “Suica & NEX”
The specially priced Suica & N'EX package is available only to foreign passport holders. This is a combination of a discounted ticket on the “Narita Express” between Narita airport and stations in Tokyo/Yokohama area, and an IC card “Suica” which can be used for JR East trains, subways, private railways, buses and shopping. (JPY2,000 is pre-credited on the Suica Card when at purchase, including the JPY500 deposit). A one way package is available from JPY3,500, with return packages from JPY5,500. This offers a saving of JPY2,700, compared to purchasing normal tickets.

※Also “Suica & MONORAIL” package is available, for foreign visitor who uses Haneda Airport. This money-saving package combines Suica and Tokyo Monorail, JPY2,400 for one way trip and JPY2,700 for round trip.

●「Suica & NEX」→
●「Suica & MONORAIL」→

Keisei Electric Railway & Tokyo Metro

スクリーンショット 2013-01-07 11.39.26.png

- Skyliner one way ticket + Tokyo Metro 1 day open ticket from JPY2,600

This special discounted ticket is available only for adult foreign travelers, combining a Keisei Skyliner ticket (Narita Airport Terminal 1 station/Narita Airport Terminal 2 station to Nippori station/Keisei Ueno station) and a Tokyo Metro 1 day open ticket.
There are four packages are available: one way or round trip ticket for Keisei Skyliner,
As well as one or two day pass for the Tokyo Metro. This offers a maximum JPY1,340 discount over regular tickets. This special package can be purchased at the Skyliner Ticket Office at Narita Airport Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.

skyliner1.pngSkylinerskyticket.pngSkyliner Exchange Ticketmetro.pngTokyo Metro 1-Day Open Ticket

Airport Limousine & Tokyo Metro


- Narita or Haneda Airport ~ Downtown Tokyo
JPY1,300 to JPY6,000


This package is a combination of an Airport Limousine Bus ticket (connecting Narita/Haneda airport and major hotels, trains stations and convention center in downtown Tokyo) and an open ticket for the Tokyo Metro.
A package of (two) one way limousine bus tickets with a Tokyo Metro 2 day open ticket costs only JPY6,000, a saving of JPY1,420 over normal ticket price.

Nagoya Railroad


- Central Japan International Airport Station~Meitetsu Nagoya Station (one way) JPY800

- Meitetsu Nagoya Station~Central Japan International Airport Station (return) JPY1,500
and more


The μSKY (mu-sky) Limited Express train is the fastest way to transfer from the Central Japan International Airport station to Meitetsu Nagoya station (a minimum travel time of only 28 minutes). All carriages have 2 baggage storage areas, with spacious seats providing travelers with great comfort. Meitetsu has introduced a special discount ticket for foreign passport holders since July 2012. Train tickets between the Central Japan International Airport station and the Meitetsu Nagoya station are discounted by a maximum of JPY200. Tickets can only be purchased from overseas office of JTB Global Marketing & Travel ( and its partner travel agencies. These vouchers must be exchanged at either Central Japan International Airport station or Meitetsu Nagoya station. Please purchase the ticket before you leave your home country, the special tickets are not on sale in Japan.

JR West


- Kansai Airport ~ Kansai area
JPY3,000 (one way), JPY4,000 (return)

ic.pngLimited design for this package of “ICOCA”railess.pngHARUKA

Are you travelling on the Kansai Airport Express plus JR trains, subways, private railways or buses? Then purchase this “ICOCA & HARUKA” card, which is available with a special discount only available to foreign passport holders. These cards are a combination of a discounted “HARUKA” ticket (the Kansai Airport Express which transfers guests to Tennoji, Shin-Osaka and Kyoto directly) with an “ICOCA” IC card which can be used on JR, subway, private railways and buses, as well as for shopping in the Kansai area (JPY2,000 is pre-credited to the card on purchase, including the JPY500 deposit). A one way ticket is JPY3,000, with the round trip ticket JPY4,000. This offers a great saving compared to purchasing separately (HARUKA train ticket costs JPY2,470 one way from Kansai Airport station to Shin-Osaka station or JPY2,980 to Kyoto station)

Nankai Electric Railway


- Kansai Airport station ~ Osaka downtown
JPY 980 one way

This ticket is for use to transfer between Nankai Kansai-Airport station and Nankai Namba station, then between Osaka Municipal Subway Namba station and its subway stations and new tram stations.

- Kansai-Airport Station ~ Kyoto downtown JPY 1,200 one way

This ticket can be used between Nankai Kansai Airport station and Tengachaya station
(Nankai Electric Railway, Osaka Municipal Subway) and beyond to Hankyu Kyoto Line from Tehgachaya station.
※Special tickets are also available for Kobe and Nara areas, as well as other areas not covered by the above two types of tickets.

Hankyu Railway

スクリーンショット 2012-12-25 15.59.34.png

Kansai International Airport ~ Osaka/Umeda ~ Kyoto, Kobe


This is a combined Limousine bus ticket between (Kansai airport and Osaka station - Umeda) and Hankyu Tourist Pass which allows holders to travel on all Hankyu trains. This special is for foreign travelers only, the price for the Limousine bus ticket alone is usually JPY1,500. Tickets come with a route map, information booklet with recommended travel plans, souvenir discount coupons. In Japan, these tickets are available from the “Hankyu Tourist Center Osaka Umeda”. You are required to show your passport on purchase of the tickets.

Nishi Nippon Railroad (Nishitetsu) etc.


スクリーンショット 2012-12-25 12.04.33.pngスクリーンショット 2012-12-25 12.04.19.png80000.png
SUNQ Pass is an unlimited ticket for travel on highway buses, local buses within Kyushu and Shimonoseki (in Yamaguchi prefecture), including some ferries. The ticket allows holders to travel 2,400 bus routes across Kyusyu with minimum fuss. This pass is so easy to use; just show your pass to the driver. Please note: some highway buses will require reservations.


「Meet The New JAPAN Campaign 2013」

The Japan Tourism Agency has launched a campaign aimed at appealing to foreign travelers in the Kansai and Tokyo areas. Using the concept of “Find the Japan you love - vn.pngRediscover the allure of Japan” the board is organizing many events and tours in the areas in order to stimulate tourism into Japan. In the Kansai area between 1st December 2012 and 28th February 2013, and in the Tokyo area from 1st February to 31st March 2013, foreign visitors will receive special benefits simply by showing their passports. From department stores, hotels, to tourist attractions, 10,000 operators will take part in the campaign. This is part of a continuous 18-week program of planned experience activities. More than 100 original tours are planned to provide beautiful memories for first time visitors to Japan, and to help “discover something new about Japan” for return guests.
* For more details, visit the website ->