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Winter of Tohoku

Attractive points of winter of Tohoku(snow, foods and etc)

Many history and culture based from people’s daily life such as festivals and events during the New Year day and the small New Year remain in Tohoku. There are traditional festivals such as "Namahage" in Oga, "Kamakura" in Yokote and "Snow Lantern Festival" in Hirosaki and Yonezawa and new events such as "winter story in Towada-ko" were very popular with fireworks in winter, "winter festival in Iwate" in Koiwai and in "Pageant of starlight" in Sendai. Winter of Tohoku also has local specialties such as "Kiritanpo-nabe" "Shottsuru-nabe" in Akita as a representative.

Information of winter sports in Tohoku

Tohoku, has excellent snow quality, with smooth powder snow throughout winter. Since Tohoku is an area with many mountains, people can enjoy winter sport such as sky and snowboard.

Iwate Hotel& Resort

APPI Ski Resort is one of the largest ski resorts in Japan with a total of 21 courses.


Many hot springs are dotted around Tohoku. The Naruko-onsen-kyo Hot Spring Village in Miyagi is given as a representative example. The hot spring village consists of five hot spring areas. Since it has 9 types of all nature spring quality in Japan, this hot spring is worth visiting for Japanese as well.Kokeshi ( Japanese doll ) is being sold as souvenir for visitors at the hot spring area of Tohoku since the end of Edo Period. There are lots of special Kokeshi Shops around there.

Hanamaki onsen

Hanamaki onsen is opened since 1923. The attractiveness of Hanamaki Hot Spring Spa is that you can select your favorite hotel from four different hotels. Since 3 hotels are connected by passageway, guests can visit multiple onsen and enjoy inside these building.

Hoshino Resorts Kai Tsugaru

KAI Tsugaru in Aomori is familiar to health resort and is known as the Oowani-onsen-kyo Hot Spring Village in Aomori for about 800 years. Kai Tsugaru is Japanese traditional type of hotel that provides Tsugaru-jamisen.


Established in 1973, DAIWA ROYAL HOTELS offers guests cordial and relaxing spaces. DAIWA ROYAL HOTELS is operated in Japan, and 3 hotels are managed in Tohoku (Iwate, Miyagi and Fukushima)


There are 4 SOLARE HOTELS & RESORTS in Tohoku. Iwate and Miyagi Hotel and the other one is Fukushima which has two hotels. This hotel offers high quality when it comes to hospitality, comfortable environment and services that suits their customer’s needs.

Winter Snow Fun Map – Eastern Japan Area(JR-EAST)

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News & Topics

New Website of Sendai

© Sendai City Transportation Bureau

Sendai Website is already updated. This website introduces several courses according to your tastes. 3 hours sightseeing tours that you can see the best of Sendai includes "Gourmet Heaven" and "The Exquisite Pleasure of Shopping" . "Gourmet Heaven" offers Sendai’s culinary specialties such as a beef tongue. "The Exquisite Pleasure of Shopping" offers a sightseeing tour where you can enjoy shopping. During Half-day Sightseeing Tour, you can see exciting places all around Sendai by taking "Loople Sendai". Evening Tour is for those who want to spend an ideal evening in Sendai experiencing its rich food and culture with drinks.

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The Quality Assurance System for Tour Operations

The Quality Assurance System for Tour Operations aims to provide travelers to Japan with safe, worry-free, quality trips by Quality Assurance of Tour Operations. The Quality Assurance System is endorsed by the Japanese government. This Quality Assurance System assesses quality in the tour operator industry in three categories—corporate governance, service quality and CSR—and seeks to certify exemplary enterprises.33 companies were certified Until October 2013.

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2014 JNTO calender

You can download 2014 calender (the world heritrage of Japan virsion) from the following URL.
Please consider to use i

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The Japan Foundation, Manila’s (JFM) Library

JFM Library was opened on July 13, 2007 to promote better understanding of Japanese language (Nihongo) and Japanese culture. it is primarily a reference library on Japanese Language Education (JLE) and Japanese Culture and the Arts.
Its collection includes printed materials such as books, comics, magazines, newspapers, etc. and i-Pod of J-pop songs.



The Tohoku Shinkansen Line 

The Tohoku Shinkansen line going to Tohoku is the longest railway line in Japan. Especially the "Hayabusa" operating between Tokyo and Shin-Aomori is the fastest Shinkansen. It became an important means of transportation for trip to Tohoku.

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GALA Option Ticket

Niigata Shinkansen going to Niigata.
Price: Adults (age12 and older):1,000yen, Children (age 6 to 11):500yen
JR East is selling a special ticket for foreign visitors who go skiing or playing with snow at GALA Yuzawa Snow Resort. It is available to those who already had the ticket. The GALA Option Ticket offers a convenient round-trip ticket between Jomo Kogen Station and GALA Yuzawa Station for a limited time only.

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Winter Snow Fun Map – Eastern Japan Area(JR-EAST)

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Navitime Japan (Information of the application)

The No.1 multimedia travel app covers the route search and route map. It is also helpful to find out the place where you can use Wi-Fi.

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"Metro & Bic Camera promotion campaign" for tickets departing from Tokyo Metro

Between October 18, 2013 (Friday) and March 31, 2014 (Monday), Tokyo Metro Co., Ltd (Head Office: Taito-ku, Tokyo, President: Yoshimitsu OKU) and Bic Camera Inc. (Head office: Toshima-ku, Tokyo, President: Hiroyuki MIYAJIMA) will run the OMOTENASHI Spirit Campaign. During this campaign overseas visitors to Japan will be able to purchase a Special One or Two-day Open Ticket from the Bic Camera Yurakucho Store, the BICQLO Bic Camera Shinjuku Station East Exit Store, and the Bic Camera Akasaka-mitsuke Station Store. All visitors will receive a 5% tax exemption plus an additional 8% off to their shopping expenses upon presentation of their passports along with one of these tickets (including One-day Open Tickets sold at all Tokyo Metro Stations).

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Notable Events & Festivals

Zao Juhyo festival

Zao sometimes has sunny day during the period from January to February.
The direction of the wind is northwest to west, the wind speed is from 10m/s to 15m/s and the average temperature is from -10℃ to -12℃. The scenery is covered as a snowstorm. Snow and fire events such as beautiful and dynamic demonstration such as ski and snowboard, mascot character performance and fireworks on the snow ground are carried out.
<Date> 1th Feb 2014(Sat)7:30 PM ~8:30PM
<Place> Zao onsen ski resort
Uwanodai area in front of "Base centre JUPEER"
An area for the festival

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Oga’s Namahage is known for cultural event throughout Japan. The Namahage is a cultural event taking over tradition from the long time ago. Some says traditional messengers of the gods enshrined at the two mountains of Mayama and Honzan, who come once a year as spirits who visit every house and warn against doing wicked deeds and bring harvest. The Namahage festival is conducted every last day of the year in whole part of Oga Peninsula. This event was registered in Important Intangible Folk Cultural Properties at 1982 as the formal name is "Oga no Namahage". Namahage Museum is space where people feel historical mystery and Namahage.

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Event information


Time/Date: DECEMBER 28 - 29, 2013



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