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Enjoy Anime and Manga in Japan

Cool Japan!

Check the website of Visit Japan with Tokyo Otaku Mode! You can get information about fascinating spots; three realms: junrei, Akihabara, and otaku events! They share the detailed information of different sightseeing places to overseas anime and fans on this website.

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※JNTO related website:

Japan Monthly Web Magazine offers you the places and information for traveling in Japan. The manga and anime is very-known for Japanese pop culture, that is why there are many amusement theme parks and museums related to anime and manga. This time, we introduce 4 places including “J-WORLD TOKYO”, which is the theme park of Japanese comic magazine called “Weekly Shonen Jump” just opened last 11 July 2013. You can have lots of fun there with attraction of Dragon Ball, One piece, Narto and more!

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※Promotional cartoon for sightseeing (Saitama Prefecture)

Saitama Prefecture is the place introduced on the anime; such as Crayon Shinchan, Lucky Star, and anohana: The Flower We Saw That Day. They start to promote their sightseeing information by making own cartoon to overseas this year. The four seasons, called international sightseeing promotional cartoon, composes 4 stories; Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter. It shows many sightseeing places in this cartoon. This video is available to 6 languages from 28 Mar 2013, so you can watch it on this website!





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Japan Anime Map(JNTO) : Visit Website

News & Topics

Fun Times in Japan – Post Your Theme Park Enjoyment

There are many exciting promotion on the website, such as photo contests, and you can check many info about popular theme park! This promo is the part of the 40th Anniversary of Japan-ASEAN friendship and cooperation is also for kicking off the project to get one million visitors from Southeast Asia.

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Sanrio Puroland the grand opening for New Area, Sanrio Town!

© '76,' 13 SANRIO APPROVAL No. P0510252

Sanrio Town is the brand new area opened 20 July, in Sanrio Puroland. The theme of this area is the place for Sanrio is here, so that there are not only the places for meeting with character, such as hello kitty, my melody, and little twin sisters, but also the restaurant and attraction; such as hello kitty’s house and my melody ride,etc… in this area. You can really feel the world of those characters with these attraction.

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Global Standard Ramen (Shin-yokohama Ramen Museum)

Ramen become the very popular food all over the world. Many people come to Japan to eat Raman. They just started to provide the menu not using pork and alcohol, in order to give friendly menu for Muslim people and Vegetarian from 1 July 2013.


*All foods are cooked in one kitchen.
*We don’t use the halal certificated foods.

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Japan Tourism Agency’s promotional video for Rugby World cup 2019 Japan

Rugby is one of worldwide famous sport. By hosting world cup 2019, Japan tourism agency expects many people from all over the world to come for this sport event. We will support this event, and also rugby itself to lead the promotion of visit Japan for foreign people, and also to revitalize the community and Japan.

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JAPANiCAN offers hotel, ryokan (Japanese inns), and tour bookings in destinations throughout Japan. Choose from over 6,000 lodgings and hundreds of tours to plan the perfect trip and book securely online with immediate confirmation! Operated by Japan's top travel agency, the JTB Group.

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The Shinkansen Tour Train & Hotel Packages combine reserved seat bullet train tickets from Tokyo and hotels in popular destinations like Kyoto, Osaka, and Hiroshima at prices you won't find anywhere else. Save up to 50% with these packages and explore some of Japan's top spots! Round-trip, one-way, and other options available.


1-Day Pick-your-own Strawberries, Mt Fuji View Cruise, All-you-can-eat Buffet Lunch(sushi, yakiniku…)

Odakyu Travel

Visit Japan Special Plan 2013.10.1-2014.3.31
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2days 1 night stay(dinner and breakfast included)
Round-trip Romancecar tickets
Hakone Free Pass! 13,240yen~

VERTRA facilitates the way you book excursions in Japan. Arrange your own journey as you like! To be a Maiko in Kyoto, learn how to make yummy Sushi, trek in Hokkaido, Visit Mt.Fuji and stay at a traditional accommodation, or enjoy fascinating culture of Tokyo, it's ALL up to you. Our website is user-friendly to book any tour you want. We guarantee competitive price and quality for all travelers who wishes to experience the beauty of Japan.

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JAL × Hato bus

Hato bus offer Tokyo sightseeing bus tour, so that they can take you to many sightseeing place, such as historical shrines, temples, Mt Fuji as well! There are English speaking guides, of course. The tour they offer are, World Heritage Mt Fuji and Hakone, Tokyo Morning tour (Tokyo tower/ the imperial Palace, and Asakusa) and Tokyo Sky tree & Asakusa. You can book it on the JAL website.

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World Heritage Mt. Fuji and Hakone
World Cultural Heritage Site Designation Commemorative Course
Please enjoy Mt. Fuji Fifth Station and Hakone – Two of the most popular sightseeing spots in Japan.
A Western style lunch is prepared.

Hoshino Resorts × JR East

Announcing special joint promotion with JR EAST:travel with JR EAST PASS and stay with us,Hoshino Resorts.We offer a range of facilities throughout eastern Japan.
Take full advantage of this special offer-experience the spectacular colors of fall foliage. We offer special promotion reservatipn plan on Website.

Notable Events & Festivals

Tokyo Motor Show 2013

The 43rd Tokyo Motor Show will be held on Nov! Automobile manufactures from all over the world will gather in this show to compete each other by showing their latest unique technology and product of the vehicle. You can feel the new future from their work there. They are waiting for you, for you to have great experience with big smile on that show!

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Event information

・MARUGOTO Japanese for Beginners A1 Module 2 
October 22 - November 28 2013
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・Oshaberi saron at Japan foundation Manila 
 Nov 8
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・Otaku Expo: Reloaded 2013 
November 16 - 17, 2013
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・Cultural Cosplay Festival 02 -Matsuri Theme-  
November 10, 2013; 8AM - 5PM
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・AniCraze 2 cosplay competition and Anime drawing contest
November 16, 2013; 10AM - 5PM
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・Cebu Cosplay Awards Night II
November 30, 2013; 4PM - 8PM
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Enjoy More!



Let’s enjoy with slipping back in Edo era. Take you to the life in Edo era. Watch out! Ninja is everywhere, Oiran; the ultimate geisha try to attract you. You may face a lot of performances and attractions such as Ninja battle.


The Brand new Ninja movie was made for celebrating the 25th anniversary of EDO WONDERLAND! The story is about female ninja in the hidden Ninja village. It shows her high royalty and sprit in her life. It is great Ninja movie ever, so please do check it out!

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・ Video clip(TOBU Railway)

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Special Experiences !

Ninja Lesson

This tour takes place in an authentic location, that even Ninja experts would enjoy visiting.Child costumes are also available. Ninjas are famous, not only in Japan but worldwide, as people who carry out undercover espionage operations during war times; however, nobody really knows what kind of weapons they used nor why they existed. Experience and feel the ninja world by wearing a ninja costume and participating in a ninja training session to learn some of their techniques, which will help you learn and gain knowledge about real ninja..

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