Japan Foodie Guide | Ramen
Craving for ramen? There's no better place to enjoy this noodle delicacy than the country that launched ramen under the global spotlight. Different parts of Japan have different styles and recipes of ramen to offer.
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Japan Foodie Guide | Ice Cream
Craving for ramen? There's no bNo matter if it's summer or winter, it's never too cold for delectable ice cream in Japan! The country presents ice cream and frozen desserts in various creative ways that every dessert lover is sure to love.
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Japan Foodie Guide | Takoyaki
Takoyaki is one of the best-loved Japanese street snacks not only in Japan but also around the world. You can find it easily anywhere on the streets of Japan. Amazing flavors are stuffed in every piece that will leave you drooling for more!
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Japan Foodie Guide | Taiyaki
Taiyaki is a fish-shaped waffle that is usually filled with anko or red bean paste. However, many variations of this traditional Japanese snack have emerged, so you can enjoy a variety of delightful flavors when you visit Japan!
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Japan Foodie Guide | Sake
Exploring bars in Japan is one good way for you to have fun and immerse in local nightlife. And in these places, a ubiquitous drink is sake, a widely-known Japanese rice wine that people can enjoy in restaurants and even small pubs. Sake comes in a wide range of flavors, varying per brewery and region.
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Japan Foodie Guide | Coffee
Japan has so well adapted to the booming coffee culture that you can easily find coffee shops that offer unique servings of coffee and take on quirky themes. Japan is one the best destinations for coffee lovers and café hoppers.
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Japan Foodie Guide | Yakitori
Yakitori, a kind of grilled chicken skewers, is a very popular bar food in izakayas or local pubs in Japan. You can enjoy it as street food, partner for beer, or even a full meal with rice or soup!
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Japan Foodie Guide | Oden
Get to know this lesser-known hot pot dish called oden! Unlike the more famous shabu shabu, oden features several distinct ingredients like fish cakes and tofu. Oden is especially popular as a comfort food in winter in Japan.
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Japan Foodie Guide | Donburi
Donburi is the general term for Japanese rice bowls served with ingredients like meat, fish, seafood, or vegetables on top of rice. The most common kinds of donburi are katsudon, gyudon, tendon, and kaisendon. Filipinos who love rice are sure to love trying all kinds of donburi!
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Japan Foodie Guide | Tamagoyaki
Eggs are not just for breakfast! Did you know you can also enjoy egg as a street food in Japan? In restaurants and especially at local markets, you can find tamagoyaki, a Japanese omelet that is distinguished by its slightly sweet and juicy flavor!
Japan Foodie Guide | Sushi
Once shunned by people who could not imagine eating raw food, sushi has become one of the best representative delicacies of Japan. It is considered an elegant dish served by chefs who have mastered the delicate art of making sushi by hand.
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