Tokyo, Chiba & Kanagawa!

See and be invited as the Team Kramer
visits the main cities of the Kanto region!

Adjacent to Tokyo, Chiba is best known for being home to Japan’s two Disney parks, but the area overflows with natural beauty both inland and by the sea. Stretching 66 kilometers along Chiba’s coast is Kujukuri Beach, Japan's longest stretch of sandy coastline, ideal for watersports. Deeper inland are a number of spacious parks and towering Mt. Nokogiri, with its "Hell Peek Point." Chiba also has Japan's main international airport, Narita, making it the country's first entry point for most travelers.
A business and cultural megacenter that's home to tens of millions of people, Tokyo is also the crossroads where the Japanese interact with citizens from all over the world. Known for its extreme attention to detail, Japan's capital is home to some of the best Japanese food in the country, with 234 Michelin-starred restaurants—more than any other city.
Kanagawa Prefecture is within easy reach of Tokyo, making it a popular destination for both visitors and Tokyoites. Yokohama's shopping malls and shiny towers make its skyline one of the most beautiful in Japan, and its past as a trading port gives it an international flair. Further down the coast of Kanagawa, Kamakura is packed with temples, quaint restaurants, and cafes, and the onsen town of Hakone is the place to relax in hot springs and view Mt. Fuji.
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