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About 220 Youth Hostels (YH), affordable and clean accommodation in friendly surroundings, are networked thorough out Japan. There are over 4,000 YHs in 90 countries worldwide, where the youth from various countries in the world stay together for intercommunion and exchange of trip information, transcending age and nationality. Four to six-bedded single sex dormitories are standard, but all YHs have a family room, while some offer single and twin rooms.

Despite their name, Youth Hostels are open to people of all ages. You can stay overnight without a membership card, if you pay additional fee (600 yen at present).You can purchase a membership from Youth Hostel Association office in your country, or in Japan, or at a hostel where you are staying.
Some YHs are temple YHs unique to Japan, and some others have Japanese-style rooms. They are the excellent accommodations to learn about Japanese culture. Many hostels can now be booked by online reservation systems.

Japan Youth Hostels Inc. Japan Youth Hostels Inc.

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