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Ryokan are a form of traditional Japanese travel accommodation that has been widely used since long ago. Combining the comforts of a hotel with those of your own home, Ryokan are places where you can enjoy the unique culture and lifestyle which have developed in Japan, and also her unique traditions of service.
Furthermore, Ryokan are located in every region of the country in places with distinctive local food, culture and points of interest, and offer an experience of the real Japan as it changes with the seasons.

Enjoy quintessential Japanese culture to the full

During your stay at a Ryokan, you can fully enjoy stylistic elements of traditional Japanese culture such as architecture, garden design, Wasyoku (cuisine), and rooms with tatami mats.
At a Ryokan, you take your shoes off indoors, as in most Japanese homes. You can use chopsticks to savor dishes prepared from fresh local ingredients, and lounge in a Yukata (cotton-made kimono worn on casual occasions) after a relaxing bath in a hot spring. Then at night, you sleep in a futon.
Experience the unchanged lifestyle of Japan with all your senses at a Ryokan.

A space to enjoy the comfort which comes from detailed hospitality

Friendly staff at a Ryokan will welcome you like family. You will feel Japanese-style hospitality in every aspect, from the clean rooms to dishes particular to each season.

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