Hands-Free Travel Guide

What is Hands-Free Travel?
"Hands-Free Travel" means travel without the encumbrance of large luggages. Visitors can use Japan's high-quality delivery / storage services to enjoy "Hands-Free Travel" around Japan.

How to use "Hands-Free Travel" services

Oh no ! My bags are so heavy !
Look for the "Hands-Free Travel" logo to drop off your items !
It's easy ! Just fill in the form and you are ready to go !

* Cost of delivery from Narita Airport to hotels in Tokyo ranges from 1,000 to 2,000 yen.

Enjoy traveling "Hands-Free " !
Don't forget to pick up your items again at the designated counter !

See how convenient "Hands-Free Travel" can be !

We offer:
(1) Multilingual services for international visitors ! (2) The top-class security and safety of Japan's delivery / storage services ! (3) Same-day delivery and delivery at a designated date and time ! (4) Compensation payment for damaged or lost items !


Items that can be shipped:

  • Items not exceeding 160 linear cm in combined length, width and height.
  • Items within 25 to 30 kg in weight
  • Items whose contents are under 300,000 yen in value.

Handling of items exceeding the above limits may vary depending on the carrier used.

Items that cannot be shipped:

  • Valuables (e.g. cash, checks, etc.)
  • Credit cards
  • Pets
  • Documents that cannot be reissued (e.g. passports)
  • Hazardous materials (e.g. fireworks, explosives, poisons, etc.)

Handling of below items may vary depending on the carrier used:

  • Large items
  • Temperature-sensitive items

Compensation for damaged/lost shipments

  • Compensation will be paid for damaged or lost items. The amount of compensation may vary depending on the carrier used.
  • Please note that this does not apply to damage/loss resulting from pre-existing defects, natural wear and tear, force majeure, unforeseeable natural disasters etc.

There is also a shipment tracking service. Contact your carrier's Customer Support Center and tell them the confirmation number on your receipt.
If the item could not be delivered to the recipient during business hours, we will re-ship the following day. An additional charge may be applied.