Japan Travel Updates after the 3.11 Earthquake


Mark Murphy traveled to Tohoku and Tokyo in May, 2011. Watch his reports!

Why You Should Travel to Japan…and Do it Now
From the streets of Tokyo Mark Murphy explains why travelers will want to spend their next vacation in Japan. The country is perfectly safe to visit, is a great value destination and is counting on the help of tourists to rebuild. By just experiencing Japan, a land of rich history, unique culture, gorgeous landscapes, and exciting nightlife, today’s travelers can do their altruistic duty. Who can say no to that?
The State of Japanese Tourism From the Man Who Knows it Best
Mark Murphy interviews Hiroshi Mizohata, Commissioner of the Japan Tourism Agency, to learn about the state of Japanese tourism. The industry took quite a hit after the earthquake and tsunami in March, but the country is safe to visit and as full of beauty and culture as ever. Japan is recovering well and primed for the return of international travelers.
In Hiraizumi, Japan, Mark Murphy Finds Serene Temples Amazingly Untouched by Recent Disaster
At the heritage center in Hiraizumi Mark learns about local history with the help of comprehensive timelines and genuine artifacts. Two nearby temples showcase iconic Japanese architecture and sculpture in beautiful natural settings. Missing from this attractive Japanese town are any major signs of the March 11th earthquake and tsunami.
Mark interviews Ryan Speier, pitcher for Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles
Ryan Speier is an Arizona native who played ten years of MLB baseball in the US and now has a unique perspective of the rebuilding effort in Sendai, and all over Japan.
Mark Murphy Visits Sendai, Japan
On March 11th, 2011 the earthquake and tsunami that hit eastern Japan devastated the Sendai International Airport. On June 10th Mark Murphy visited the airport for an up close look at the industrious re-building effort now underway. In downtown Sendai an exciting, attractive, nightlife still thrives.