Japan Travel Updates after the 3.11 Earthquake


Major International Airports

Narita, Haneda, Centrair and Kansai International Airports are all under normal operation.

Japanese Air Transport after the Earthquake (by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)

Tokyo and Surrounding Areas

Trains and subways in Tokyo and its surrounding areas

Trains and subways in Tokyo and the Kanto Region are operating under near normal schedule. However, as an effort to reduce and conserve usage of electric power, some train lines may be operating at lower frequencies.


・JR East Infoline  10:00 to 18:00, every day of the year. Tel (+81) 50-2016-1603
・JNTO TIC           9:00 to 17:00, every day of the year. Tel. (+81) 3-3201-3331

Visit Japan Information Network run by rail companies:
・TOBU Sightseeing Service Center  7:45 to 17:00, daily. Tel (+81) 3-3841-2871
・Odakyu Sightseeing Service Center, Shinjuku 8:00 to 18:00, daily. Tel. (+81) 3-5321-7887
・KEIKYU Tourist Information Center 9:00 to 20:00, daily. Tel. (+81) 3-5708-3055

-->Links to Rail companies (Information on operation under the rolling blackouts is available only on their Japanese Websites)

How to Get to Major Cities in Japan

By Air

All airports in Japan are open and in operation.
Sendai Airport is re-opened from July 25, 2011. 

Information on Domestic Flights (by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)

Information on domestic airlines and air network

By Rail

JR Tokaido and Sanyo Shinkansen, Japan’s trunk railway line linking Tokyo, Nagoya, Kyoto, Osaka, Hiroshima and Fukuoka are under normal operation.
The train lines from Nagoya to Hokuriku and Chubu region (Takayama, Toyama, Matsumoto, Nagano, etc.) are under normal operation and so are the train lines from Osaka and Kyoto to Hokuriku region (Kanazawa) .
Also, on March 12, Kyushu Shinkansen started its full service between Fukuoka and Kagoshima, making travel within Kyushu faster and more convenient.

<Websites of Japan Railways Companies>

Japan Railways network
JR Hokkaido
JR East
JR Central
JR West (Japanese only)
JR Shikoku
JR Kyushu

By Intercity Bus Service

Services to some cities in Tohoku from Tokyo and other cities of Japan may be operating under irregular schedule. Otherwise, all intercity bus services are under normal operation.

For intercity bus information, please refer to the following websites, or contact JNTO’s Tourist Information Center in Tokyo.

<Websites of intercity bus information>

Willer Express
Highway Bus.com (Japanese only)

Tohoku Region

Recovery of Transportation (Map)

Train Services in the Tohoku Region


All Shinakansen Lines have been restored and operating normal timetable.

Current train status : http://traininfo.jreast.co.jp/train_info/e/shinkansen.aspx
Latest operating schedule : http://www.jreast.co.jp/e/customer_support/infoline.html

Local lines in the Tohoku region

Some sections of train lines in the severely damaged Pacific coast area have not been recovered. Also, services have been suspended in some sections of train lines in the mountain area.  

For more information, please see Train Status Information by JR East

Public Transport in Fukushima

Transportation in Fukushima Prefecture Area


Airports and Flights in Tohoku

All Tohoku airports are open and operating, linking to and from cities in Japan and some cities in Asia, although some international flights are being suspended.

Air Routes to/from Airports in Tohoku

Operational Status of Airports (by Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport)

Bus Services in Tohoku

Intercity buses between Tokyo and Tohoku are operating. Local buses in the severely damaged areas are not operating. For intercity bus information, please refer to the following websites, or contact JNTO’s Tourist Information Center in Tokyo or tourist information office in each destination in Tohoku.

<Websites of intercity bus services including Tohoku>

Willer Express

JR Bus Tohoku (Japanese only)

Highway Bus.com (Japanese only)

Operation Status of Bus Services to / from Tohoku Region

Map of operations of express buses to and from Tohoku area


Ferry Services in Tohoku

Most of the long-distance ferry lines are nomarl operation. Many of local boat lines and sightseeing boats in the tsunami-damaged coastal areas are not operating.