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Osaka,Kyoto & Nara

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The second largest city to Tokyo with the population of 8.6 million. The city has a longer history than Tokyo as a metropolis of Japan, and used to flourish as a center of economy. Arts and performing arts matured among citizens. It has today developed into the central city of West Japan with an internatinal airport and many amusement facililties. Its characteristic performing arts and food culture are full of allure and attract many people.

Tokyo & vicinity
Osaka,Kyoto & Nara
•1~4 days
•5~8 days
Option - Hiroshima

Kyoto and Nara are both ancient capitals that used to thrive as a center of politics and culture of Japan, before the capital was relocated in 18th century to the present capital Tokyo, Eastern Japan. In spring, cherry flowers bloom and in late autumn leaves turn red. All four seasons decorate the city gracefully. Both cities have elaborate gardens and temples & shrines that possess lots of cultural heritages including Buddhist statues. Kyoto also has hana-machi (entertainment district) where
beautiful Maiko girls walk through the rows of old houses. Its traditional culture such as crafts, arts and performing arts has been passed on until today and has been developing. In these cities, you can touch and experience its nature, beauty and tradition.

 Kyoto and Nara region were recognized by UNESCO as World Heritage Sites.
Arrive in Osaka

Kansai Int'l Airport 1Kansai Int'l Airport 2

Sightseeing in Osaka
(Osaka Castle, Dotombori, eat Okonomiyaki)

Morning: Leave Osaka for Kyoto
Sightseeing in Kyoto
( Kinkakuji Temple, Ryoanji Temple, Kiyomizudera Temple, etc)

Sightseeing in Kyoto
(Arashiyama, Sagano, etc)

Sightseeing in Nara
(Todaiji Temple, Horyuji Temple, etc)

Experience Kyoto, School Relation
(Handicraft center, Tea ceremony, etc)

Free day
(shopping and dining)

Free until the flight time
Osaka Map 1
Osaka Map 2