In an evaluation of taxis by the world’s largest travel website, TripAdvisor®, Tokyo taxis have been named the best in the world for two years running.
Led by Tokyo, Japanese taxis have developed various initiatives and provide a high level of service.
Here we provide information about main services and how to use Japanese taxis.
Please try out our great services when you get a chance!

Using Taxis


Taxi Models

Most taxis are sedans but some larger vehicles are also available.
Normal Taxi(Normal Taxi) Large Taxi(Large Taxi)


For Hire Sign

Taxis for hire (showing the 空車 sign) will stop if flagged down. You can tell whether a taxi is for hire or not by checking the light on the roof or the sign in the front windscreen. (If the roof light is lit, the taxi is available and if the sign in the windscreen reads 空車, the taxi is available.)
the taxi is available

Ordering a Taxi by Telephone

State your name and where you need to be picked up.

Ordering a Taxi using a Smartphone App

You can order the nearest taxi to you by first downloading the app and registering the required information. Tokyo Hire-Taxi Association’s app, ‘Tokyo Taxi Association–TAKKUN’ makes it possible to order taxis through a shared app between a number of taxi groups – the first in Japan. Furthermore, Nihon Kotsu’s ‘Japan Taxi’ and Tokyo Musen’s ‘ Tokyo Musen’ both offer English language services.
Ordering a Taxi using a Smartphone App

Automatic Doors and Seating

Clients sit in the back seat of Japanese taxis (the front passenger seat is used when necessary). The rear door nearest to the pavement (rear left) is automatic. Please note that the passenger door is not automatic and needs to be opened manually.

Sightseeing Taxis

Sightseeing TaxisClients can enjoy a private, tailored trip around Tokyo in small groups such as families, friends or couples – this is not possible on a bus tour or a group trip.
You can take a sightseeing taxi in which the driver will arrange time, route and destinations according to client requests and escort them.
Some operators can provide English language sightseeing taxis. Please contact the company for information about other languages in English.
Please contact each individual sightseeing taxi company with enquiries.


The fares below are representative of taxis in Tokyo.

Normal Taxi
23 Wards of Tokyo, Musashino City, Mitaka City
Distance-based Fares Base Fare
410 yen up to 1.052km
Additional Fare 80 yen for every 237m
Time/Distance-based Fares
80 yen for every 1 minute 30 seconds
at a speed of 10km or less
Late Night/
Early Morning Premium
20% increase between 10pm and 5am
Call-out Charge
One-time charge fixed by each operator
Long-distance Discount
10% of amounts exceeding 9000 yen


Fixed Fare System

A simple fixed fare system is applied to Haneda Airport and specific areas.
This document contains information about typical taxi services.
Please check the ‘Tokyo Hire-Taxi Association’, website for more detailed information.