Renovation of Kabuki-za Theater

Japan National Tourism Organization (JNTO)

Tokyo's famous Kabuki-za Theater, first opened in 1889,was closed in April 2010. Japan's traditional performing art of Kabuki is loved by people around the world. Rhythmical lines spoken by actors, colorful make-up and a stage full of mechanical devices for special effects are essential characteristics of Kabuki, but the most important is that all the roles, including those of women, are played by male actors.

Kabuki-za will be rebuilt into a new complex by 2013. The nearby Shimbashi Embujo Theater became the chief venue for kabuki in Tokyo during the building of the new Kabuki-za.

Shimbashi Embujo

    Adress : 6-18-2 Chuo-ku,Ginza, Tokyo

Kabuki-za Theater (Japanese version only)

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