Tama Zoological Park

Tokyo, Kanto

One of the world's largest parks of its kind, covering more than 50 hectares,
visitors can see the animals wandering freely in this rich natural environment

The Tama Zoological Park, which was created to make the best of the topography of the verdant Tama Hills, boasts an area of 50 hectares. It has the advantage that the animals are allowed to roam freely, without any cages or fences, so that they can be observed in a state as close to their natural state as possible. The zoo consists of four main areas, namely the African Garden, the Australian Garden, the Asiatic Garden, and the Insectarium, where around 350 species of mammals, birds, reptiles and amphibians are kept. The zoo is famous for the fact that it was the first in Japan to raise koalas, as well as being the first to introduce the “Lion bus”.

The lion bus enables visitors to view the pride of lions close at hand, a sight that exerts a powerful appeal. The Asiatic Garden is home to one of the world’s largest skywalks, which has become highly popular for the dynamic sight of orangutans strolling through the air over a rope course measuring a total of 150 meters. The zoo is packed with a wide range of other attractions too, including the Insectarium, which you can walk through as approximately 700 species of butterfly from across the globe flutter around your head, the walk-in aviary at the Asian Marsh Zone, which was constructed to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the zoo’s opening, and the Mole House, where you can observe moles in their tunnels. In addition, you can interact with rabbits and guinea pigs at Acorn Plaza, and there is also an area with exhibits about animals, where you can ask questions about them.


7-1-1 Hodokubo, Hino-shi, Tokyo
09:30-17:00 (tickets on sale until 16:00)
Admission Fee
600 yen (adults), 200 yen(junior high school students), 300 yen(65 or above); free entry on Greenery Day (May 4), Tama Zoo Anniversary Day (May 5), and Tokyo Citizens Day (October 1)
Wednesdays (the following day if the Wednesday is a national holiday, substitute holiday, or Tokyo Citizens Day), New Year vacation (December 29 - January 1 the following year)

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