Marine World Umino-Nakamichi

Fukuoka, Kyushu

Let's swim with legions of sharks! A huge tank with 10,000 colorful fish.

Marine World Umino-Nakamichi is an aquarium with the Tsushima Current, a current offshore of Fukuoka Prefecture, as its theme. It has facilities where you can fully appreciate the beauty of marine life, such as the Walk-Through Tank (tank tunnel), in which you will feel like you are underwater, the Show Pool for marine creature shows, and the Sea Otter Pool for the always-popular sea otters.

The most recommended facility is the Large Panoramic Water Tank, where you can get face to face with a large school of sharks. The 10,000 fish of 80 species living in this tank include 150 sharks, and the tank accurately depicts the awesome world of nature. You can go scuba diving in this tank and swim with fish under the guidance of instructors (you must be at least 16 years old). Reservations are required for scuba diving, and you must pass an examination on scuba diving skills (implemented from 19:00 every Friday and Saturday). You must also pay 8,400 yen in addition to the admission fee.

Uminaka Cube, on Sea Animal Island, is a space covered entirely by glass except for the floor. Here, feeling like you are under the sea, you can observe seals and sea lions swimming swiftly in the water. There are also other abundant interactive activities, such as a tour to observe the feeding of fish and behind the tanks, and events with opportunities to touch dolphins and seals.


18-28 Saitozaki, Higashi-ku, Fukuoka City, Fukuoka
9:00-17:30 (may change according to the season). Last admission is one hour before closing.
Admission Fee
2100 yen (adults), 1150 yen (junior high school students), 800 yen (elementary school students) 550 (4 years old and older)
First Monday and Tuesday of February

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