Tokyo Station

Tokyo, Kanto

Front entrance of Tokyo straddles the past and future of Japanese culture

Having the largest number of platforms in Japan, Tokyo Station is a transportation facility built in 1914. In addition to the station facilitys, other facilities such as hotels, offices, galleries, department stores, various shops and restaurants have been developed in an integrated manner around Yaesu Gate and Marunouchi Gate. Finally with the completion of the preservation and reconstruction work of the original Marunouchi Station Building in October 2012, the station has evolved into a large town.

Marunouchi Station Building with its red brick facade that has come back maintaining the patina of 100-year history is an Important Cultural Property of Japan. Tokyo Station Hotel and Tokyo Station Gallery in the building are indeed very special spaces. Turning to the direction of the Yaesu Gate, you will see towering office buildings with underground shopping streets.

Passages around Marunouchi and Yaesu Gates are lined with restaurant area such as Kitamachi Horoyoi Street, Kitchen Street and Kurobei Yokocyo. There are also a lot of shops selling unique specialties of Tokyo as souvenir. Tokyo Station with a wide variety of information, functions and a cultured atmosphere attracts attention as a sightseeing spot to learn about the city.


1 Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo

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