Narita International Airport

Chiba, Kanto

The largest international hub airport in Japan, connecting Japan with other countries

Narita International Airport is the largest hub airport in Japan. As of October 2013, airplanes from 101 cities in 36 countries and three regions fly to the airport, and airplanes for 16 domestic airline routes to 15 cities also fly there. Air carriers are divided into those at Terminal 1 and those at Terminal 2. 100,000 people come to and leave from the airport every day, and over 300 flights are run. The cumulative total of passengers reached 800 million in February 2012.

From the airport, people can go to major cities in the metropolitan area by train. By using JR Narita Express, it is possible to go to Tokyo Station in 50 minutes, to Yokohama in Kanagawa in 90 minutes, and to Omiya in Saitama in 100 minutes. In addition, there is also Narita Sky Access Line which takes people to Nippori Station in Tokyo in 36 minutes at the fastest. Moreover, expressway buses are also convenient. 1,200 expressway buses run a day, and they go direct to various tourist sites and cities, such as Asakusa, Odaiba, Tokyo Disney Resort, and Makuhari Messe. Needless to say, it is also possible to make a connection at Narita International Airport with a domestic flight to travel to cities across Japan.

The airport also has good commercial facilities. Various things are available, including travel-related goods, furnishings, cosmetics, and miscellaneous goods, in addition to very popular souvenirs, such as food and folk crafts. There is a wide variety of restaurants, which many air travelers stop go to.


Furugome, Narita City, Chiba
0476-34-8000 (Narita International Airport Information)

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