Laguna Gamagori

Aichi, Chubu

Shining seaside resort
Joy of dining and shopping

Laguna Gamagori is a marine resort complex developed on a huge land lot in the Bay of Mikawa. Visitors enjoy a comfortable wind from the sea gently brushing their cheeks. The core of Laguna Gamagori is a theme park where visitors can enjoy various attractions and swimming pools. There also are facilities built in accordance with themes, such as “Play,” “Shop,” “Eat,” “Watch,” “Experience,” “Relax,” and “Stay,” which enable visitors to become familiar with the sea. Guests can have fund in various styles matching their interests.

The theme park, Lagunasia, has the concept of being a port town facing the Adriatic in medieval Europe and offers various attractions such rides for small children and thrilling roller coasters. In the summer, six swimming pools are filled with cheers by children and visitors enjoy the park in bathing suits.

Other facilities include Thalgo Laguna, a full-scale thalassotherapy healing facility, Laguna Spa that enables guests to enjoy warm water while squarely watching the sunset, Festival Market where people can enjoy eating fresh sea foods and shopping miscellaneous goods and clothes, Laguna Marina for experiencing cruising and marine sports, and other high-quality facilities for specific purposes. People who want to stay more than a day or visitors from remote places are welcomed by Hotel Laguna offering a delightful overlook.


2-1 Kaiyo Town, Gamagori, Aichi
Different in accordance with facilities

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