Oita Stadium “Big Eye” (Daigin dome)

Oita, Kyushu

The Big Eye is a world-class multi-purpose stadium, bursting with the shouts of 43,000 people. Experience a new dimension in international-level sports, concerts and other events. The stadium can be used for soccer, rugby, track & field and a host of other sports, along with concerts and exhibitions of all types. The wall curtains can be used to divide the stadium into sizes appropriate for 10,000 or 20,000 people, making it possible to flexibly meet the demands of events of all sizes. And It’s an all-weather stadium with a sliding roof that opens and closes. In addition, the semitransparent roof lets in natural illumination even when closed, for a bright, natural playing field.

[Outline of facilities at the Oita Stadium Big Eye] Major applications: Track & field (can also be used for soccer, rugby, etc.); track & field: certificated as Class 1 Competition Facility (9-lane track); soccer: complies with FIFA standards; total floor area: 92,882 ㎡; building footprint: 51,830㎡; floors: 3 above-ground,2 basement; maximum height: 57.46 m (ground surface to roof apex); maximum ceiling height: 61.00 m (field surface to bottom of beam); capacity: about 43,000 (with folding chairs about 43,000, without folding chairs about 34,000); structure: steel beam and reinforced concrete; roof: titanium sheet fixed roof, Teflon-film panel movable roof (25% optical transparency); field: natural turf with subsurface heating; other facilities: field illumination: 1500 lx; giant screen: one; electronic scoreboard: one; elevators: seven; keel arch traveling camera; wall curtain system. Note: track & field track and other facilities will be completed after the conclusion of the 2002 FIFA World Cup Games.


1351 Oasa Yokoo, Oita-shi, Oita
9:00 - 21:00
Admission Fee
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[Parking] 4,000 parking spaces are available.

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