Usa Shrine

Oita, Kyushu

There are many shrines in Japan which are named Hachiman-gu. The Emperor Ojin, who was deified as Hachiman-shin (the god of military power), is enshrined in these shrines. Usa-jingu was the first of these shrines. It is said that Hachiman-shin appeared at this place around the beginning of the 8th century. He was widely worshipped throughout Kyushu, and was subsequently worshipped as the protective deity of the Imperial Capital.

The shrine has enjoyed the close protection of the Imperial Family. The present sanctuary, which is designated as a National Treasure, was built around the middle of the 19th century. Its white earthen walls and vermilion pillars against its black and golden fittings produce a splendid contrast. This characteristic form, by which two buildings are situated one in front of the other, is called Hachiman-zukuri. The front portion, called the Ge-in, is where the deity stays during the daytime, while the back portion, called the Nai-in, serves as the deity’s sleeping chamber. The two buildings are connected by an eaves-trough which is called Usa-no-Ogondoi.


2859 Minami-Usa, Usa-shi, Oita
Treasure hall 9:00~16:00
Admission Fee
Admission Inside the temple:Free
Treasure hall:
 Adult 300yen
 High and Middle school student 200yen
 Elementary school student 100yen
Group(over 30 people):
 Adult 240yen
 High and Middle school student 160yen 
 Elementary school student 80yen
※Treasure hall:Tuesdays
[Parking] 500 paid parking spaces are available.

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