Tsuma-jinja Shrine

Miyazaki, Kyushu

Old shrine dedicated to a goddess with whom Ninigi, a god of Japanese myth, fell in love at first sight

The shrine is dedicated to konohanasakuya-hime, a goddess of Japanese myth. She is worshiped as the goddess of marriage because the famous Ninigi-no-mikoto coming from Takamagahara, the land of the gods, fell in love with her at first sight, and also as a goddess of easy delivery because she gave birth to triplets of Ninigi.

A part of the grounds is open to local residents as Tsuma Park. The park with a pond, river (the Sakura River) and wisteria trellis is a beautiful antique-looking place. The main shrine, front shrine and shrine office are also quaint-looking old buildings with very historical atmosphere. Tsuma-no-kusu, a Natural Monument of Japan, inside the grounds is a huge camphor tree that is estimated to have lived 1200 years. It appears dead at its trunk but is growing green leaves above. The tree that used to be 40-meters high is now 20-meters due to repeated damage by fire and strong wind but is still standing here exuding a very strong life force and mystic atmosphere.

On the wall of the front shrine you will see the Largest Sword in Japan that is as long as 3.5 meters. Make sure to see large torii gates across the roads to the east and south of the grounds.


1 Tsuma, Saito City, Miyazaki
Admission Fee
free admission to the grounds

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