Shoshazan Engyoji-Temple

More than 1,000 years ago, Engyoji Temple was founded on Mt. Shosha by Shoku, a holy Buddhist priest, who received special spiritual enlightenment from Monju, the God of Wisdom and Intellect. Monju informed Shoku that anyone who climbed this mountain would be purified both in body and spirit. This belief soon spread and many people climbed Mt. Shosha to beg for divine favours including “Pope” Kazan and The Emperor Godaigo. As the faith in Mt. Shosha increased and prospered, it did achieve fame as the most important training center for priests in the western area of the Kansai district.

Even today, many people from all over Japan make pilgrimages to this temple year round. The primeval forests of Mt. Shosha have made a very sacred and peaceful atmosphere. Spring and autumn are especially good seasons for visitors: Spring is famous for the wonderful cherry blossoms and autumn for the splendid colored leaves of the maples and the other trees.
Eight buildings and seven Buddhist statues are appointed as “Important Cultural Properties”. This historical tranquil place also features in the Hollywood movie “The Last Samurai”.


2968 ShoSha, Himeji, Hyogo
Admission Fee
500 yen, Ropeway: 500 yen (One-way), 900 yen(Round-trip)

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