Reiko-ji Temple

Shimane, Chugoku

Ancient temple with healing Buddha idol which
relieves people from various diseases

This is one of the most famous shrines in Shimane Prefecture. It is about 15 km south of Izumo Grand Shrine, in the inaccessible valley of Tachikuekyo, which is known as a place sacred mountains. A steep cliff continues for 2 km, with many unusual rocks and rock pillars created by the erosion effects of Kobe River and weather, resulting in majestic scenery. Walking paths are now maintained, and it is a prefectural natural Park. A short distance above stone steps along the ravine, Reiko Temple stands silently, built from tree logs.

It is said that long ago, a healing Buddhist god appeared riding a large tortoise, and a high priest placed this god in a cave in the Tenchuho rocky mountain rising behind Reiko Temple. This was the start of Reiko Temple. Thus Tenchuho rocky mountain became an object of worship, and pilgrims have never stopped visiting it as the 10th prayer location of the 10 Izumo Great Healing Buddha Spirit Places.

On the rock face of the cliff a little below the path approaching Reiko Temple, there are over 1000 rock Buddhas, creating an overwhelming impression. Some have not retained their original shapes due to wear by wind and rain, but no two have the same face. It is said that if you look closely, you are sure to see a face similar to a person you know who died.


4311 Ottate-cho, Izumo City, Shimane
0853-53-2112 (Izumo Kankou Association)

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