Kongosen-ji Temple

A tranquil temple where Jizo statues and Hydrangeas nurse your soul

Kongosen-ji in a castle town Yamato Koriyama is commonly called Yada-dera because it is on a hillside of Yada Hills. It is also called Hydrangea temple, or O-Jizo-san of Yada because its principal image is the oldest Jizo bosatsu (Ksitigarbha) in Japan.

O-Jizo-sama is a small Buddha found at street corners all over Japan. It is said that he will appear for the period of 5 billion and 670 million years after the death of Buddha to save sentient beings. While typical Jizo stands with a stick in his right hand and a wish fulfilling gem in his left hand, Jizo of Yada-dera forms a ring with his right thumb and index finger. This is called “Yada-style jizo.” You will meet various jizo statues along the approach and in the precinct.

In rainy season from June to July one hundred hydrangea trees bloom and the approach is crowded with people appreciating them. Hydrangea is native to Japan and appears in many poems admiring its beautifully changing colors. Hydrangeas blooming between Jizo statues will delight the cockles of the heart.


3506 Yata-cho, Yamatokoriyama, Nara

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