Kojakuji Temple

Aichi, Chubu

A quiet temple and natural landscape where 4,000 Japanese maple trees stand in a row

Kojakuji Temple is a Zen temple that was built in 1427 in a place where Mr. Asuke of a local ruling family lived. The temple is located in the center of Korankei, which is a gorge that is famous for beautiful fall leaves, and maple trees luxuriantly grow on the approach. It is also a place to enjoy the surrounding natural landscape together with the temple.

A mossy garden, approach, stairs, and main hall sit quietly in silence, which will heal your heart. A must-see is the Zen meditation hall built in the late Edo Period which remains in the style of the time. The structure of the Zen meditation spaces that are on the left and right side of the principal Buddhist image in the Zen meditation hall is interesting.

If you climb Mt. Iimori from behind the temple grounds, you can see the graves of successive resident priests and the stone Buddhist images of 16 apprentices. Therefore, it is recommended to climb the mountain during the course of a stroll in nature.

During the “Momijimatsuri” festival in November, 4,000 Japanese maple trees are in vivid colors, mainly red and yellow, around Kojakuji Temple. The scene reflected on the Tomoe River is a wonderful sight. The lighting at night casts spectacular shading. Many tourists visit the temple, and various events are held. If you visit the temple by car during this period, make sure to watch out for traffic jams.


39 Iimori,, Asuke-cho, Toyota-shi, Aichi
0565-62-0267 (Kojakuji Temple)

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