Kirishima Shrine

Kagoshima, Kyushu

Pray to the sacred tree that has lived 800 years
Enjoy the gorgeous building referred to as "The Nikko of the West"

The shrine for mountain worship was built around the 6th century. Originally it was at the foot of the sacred mountain Takachiho-no-mine but repeatedly burnt down due to volcanic eruptions and was moved to the current location. The current shrine buildings are reconstructions made in 1715 and designated as Important Cultural Property of Japan.

According to Japanese myths, Ninigi no Mikoto, grandson of the queen of gods Amaterasu, governed the area, which is now attracting attention as a location with strong mystical energy in recent years. Especially a sacred tree that has lived 800 years is said to be the ancestor of Japanese cedars across southern Kyushu and believed to have great powers to answer prayers.

The splendor of Kirishima Shrine’s decoration is outstanding. It is referred to as “The Nikko of the West” in comparison with the gorgeous architectural style of Nikko Toshogu in Tochigi. Columns and joists are vermilion lacquered and decorated with many richly-colored reliefs. In fall, red leaves create an impressive and vivid scenery in harmony with the glamorous building. At the entrance of the approach, there are a tourist information office and a foot bath. How about resting your weary feet while discussing travel plans?


2608‐5 Kirishima-taguchi, Kirishima City, Kagoshima
Admission Fee
Free admission to the grounds

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