Katsuragi Hitokotonushi-jinja Shrine

Shrine dedicated to a unique god who grants only one-word wishes

The god of Hitokotonushi Shrine on the southeastern foot of Mt. Yamato Katsuragi is widely worshiped as “Ichigonsan” who hears only one word of wish. The shrine enshrines Hitokotonushi-no-kami and is the head shrine of all shrines dedicated to Hitokotonushi-no-kami all over Japan. According to a legend, when Emperor Yuryaku who was hunting on Mt. Katsuragi around 460 A.D., a person who look just like the emperor appeared and introduced himself “I am Hitokotonushi-no-kami of Katsuragi who says both bad thing and good thing in one word.” The emperor humbly presented the clothes that he and his subordinates were wearing and worshipped the god. The precinct is said to be the place where the god descended. This may be why it has an air of mystery.

There is a large sacred gingko tree that is believed to be 1200 years old to the south of the main hall. Because its sagging soft barks look like woman’s breast, the tree is called “Chichi icho (breast gingko).” Believing that pregnant women who prayed here will give birth to healthy baby and make plenty of milk, many worshippers come here from afar.

There is also “Kumozuka (spider mounds)” in the precinct. There is a legend that a violent tsuchigumo (earth spider) famous for appearing in no plays, etc. was buried here.


432 Moriwaki, Gose City, Nara

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