Takeda Residence Remeins

Yamanashi, Chubu

Maintaining the image of the favorite hero,
Takeda Shingen who was a warlord called Tiger of Kai

Takeda Shingen who was the military governor of Kai (current Yamanashi Prefecture) is one of the most famous warlords during the Warring States period for about 100 years from the end of the 15th century and a popular figure in historical plays and novels even now. While winning many battles for over 30 years from the age of 21 when he became the leader of the domain, Shingen also made strong efforts to flood prevention works and development of agriculture and commerce, endearing himself to the people under his dominion. Takeda Residence was home to the three generations of Takeda Family, Nobutora, Shingen and Katsuyori, and commonly known as “Tsutsujigasaki Yakata.” Today, the residence is a Registered National Historical Site. In the past, a foursquare main construction about 200 m on each side was surrounded by residences of samural retainers and there was a castle town with grid roads in the south. There remain original moats, stone walls and old wells, which show the prestige of the clan even today. Shingen wrote a famous poem “My people are castle, my people are stonewall, my people are moat, compassion pays and resentment returns.” True to the poem, he never built pompous castles until his death.

Today, there is Takeda Shrine built in 1919 on the premises. The shrine attracts many people who love Takeda Shingen from all over the country. The adjacent treasure house exhibits articles related to Takeda Family. Sanyo-no-matsu (three-leaved pine) on its premises is rare even in the entire country. Because its leaves fell after turning gold, carrying them is said to improve economic fortune of the carrier.


2611 Kofuchu-machi, Kofu, Yamanashi
9:00-16:30. Open every day of the year.
Admission Fee
Free (300 yen for the treasure house)

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