Sujin-tenno-ryo (Emperor Sujin’s Tomb)

Nara, Kansai

242-meter long keyhole kofun is the tomb of the founder of Yamato Dynasty

It is said that the 10th Emperor Sujin (148 BC-29 BC) was the founder of Yamato Dynasty (a dynasty based in the central part of Kinki region including present Nara.) His tomb that was built in the first half of the 4th century is in Tenri, Nara.

The huge tumulus that suggests the considerable power at the time is 242 m in total length; the diameter and the height of the back part is 158 m and 100 m respectively; the width and the height of the front part is 100 m and 13.6 m; and its length including the surrounding moat is 360 m and the widest span is 230 m. A major renovation conducted by Yanagimoto Clan partly for irrigation use at the end of Edo period changed the original appearance but lines of pine trees and the surrounding moat filled with water are very beautiful and loved as “Andonyama” tumulus by local people. There is a hiking trail around the tumulus. The view from the trail allays fatigue of people enjoying hiking. It is not allowed to enter the tumulus because this is an Emperor’s tomb, but you can have fantasies about the ancient world while walking around.


Yanagimoto-cho, Tenri City, Nara
0743-63-1001 (Tenri City Tourism Division)
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