Wakayama, Kansai

A scenic site that was expressed in a 8th century collection of poems entitled "Manyoshu (A Collection of Ten Thousand Leaves)" where people can commemorate ancient Japan

Wakanoura is located in the northern part of Wakayama Prefecture and, in other words, in the southwestern part of Wakayama City. It is a state-designated Place of Scenic Beauty. Local residents also call the site “Wakaura.” There is an old style of poem called waka in Japan. This area is so full of Japanese fine views that Wakanoura often appears in “Manyoshu” (poems composed by various people around the 8th century are included), which is the oldest collection of waka poems in existence.

Wakanoura mainly refers to the area of sand spit spreading from Tamatsushima (Wakauranaka) to Kataonami (Wakauraminami), but the western side thereof from Tano to Saikazaki (special area of the Setonaikai National Park) is also called Wakanoura. There are many scenic spots where people can commemorate ancient Japan in the era of Manyoshu.

“Tamatsushima-jinja Shrine” is located inch away from a dry beach at the mouth of the Waka River with beautiful scenery, and small islands divided by the sea were scattered at high tide in this area at the time when the shrine was constructed. That scene matched Japanese beauty, and was expressed in waka poems. However, the sea has backed away, and those islands are now connected by land. It is also fun to climb “Mt. Kagamiyama” and see Wakanoura while imaging the scene of the sea and small islands in the past.

In addition, scenic spots are scattered, such as “Kataonami Park” and “Wakanoura Tenmangu Shrine” as well as “Kishu Toshogu Shrine” and “Furo-bashi Bridge” if you go little further to the direction of Saikazaki. So, it is good to take time to tour Wakanoura at leisure.


Wakauranaka, Wakauranishi, and Wakauraminami, etc., Wahayama-shi, Wakayama
073-444-4349 (Wakanoura Sightseeing Association)

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