Ubagataki Falls

Ishikawa, Chubu

A waterfall along the Hakusan Super Forest Road as graceful as an old woman's hair

Ubagataki Falls is a waterfall dropping 111 m, with many streams of water running beautifully down the rock surface. There is a legend that an old hermit woman was letting down her hair at this place, and it is said that the name (meaning “Old woman’s waterfall” in Japanese) was taken from the white, smoothly running water that reminds people of long white hair. The spray of clear water adds moisture to the air and generates negative ions.

Although the waterfall can be seen from the road, you can also go very close to it by going down the stairs. Near the falls, there is an open-air hot spring bath in the river called Oyadani No Yu (admission free). You can enjoy a relaxed bath time while watching the falls, or simply warm up with a foot bath.

Please note that the place is along the toll road called Hakusan Super Forest Road, which is not open to pedestrians or two-wheeled vehicles, so you must use a car to go see the waterfalls. There are also many other waterfalls along the road, and the beauty of the valley can be enjoyed in all seasons. Stop by to take a break from driving and be healed by the power of nature.


Chugu, Hakusan City, Ishikawa
076-256-7341 (Hakusan Forest Road Ishikawa Management Office)
07:00-18:00 (June-August), 08:00-17:00 (September-November)
Admission Fee
Toll rate for Hakusan Forest Road: 3150 yen (per passenger car)
During stormy weather, and early November-Early June

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