Kochi, Shikoku

Enjoy the feeling of a leisurely resort with blue sky, balmy breeze and calm sea.

Teisumiyoshi is a nature park of the prefecture. An area developed as a sea park has a beach house and a board walk for visitors to freely enjoy safe and clean sea bathing. The shoaling beach without sudden drop is safe for children to play with water. You can savor the feeling of a resort just by walking along the varied coastal line. The place attracts people throughout the year because they can also enjoy marine leisures such as yachting and sailing. If you love cycling, you can cycle comfortably along a cycling road by the sea. Annual average temperature of the area is about 19 degrees C. It is neither hot nor cold during most of the year. Kochi Prefecture is known for clear sky, balmy breeze and bright sun. Gazing at the vast Pacific in sea breeze, you will forget your worries and feel refreshed.


Yasu-cho-chigire, Konan, Kochi
0887-56-520 (Konan Tourism Association)

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