Suwa Lake Geyser Center

Nagano, Chubu

The spouting hot spring that makes one realize the mystery of nature and the energy of the earth

A geyser is a hot spring that spouts out vapor or hot water at regular intervals. At Suwa Lake Geyser Center, you can observe the spouting phenomenon close up. With an admission-free foot bath nearby, you can feel the hot spring in Japan with your five senses.

In Yudono within the facility of the center, you can buy an egg and make an onesen-tamago (a semi-boiled egg made by soaking it in a hot spring, with a hint of the fragrance of the hot spring). Steam from the hot spring floating from Nanatsugama (the seven sources of hot springs used by some of the onsen inns in the Suwa area) also adds the unique taste of a hot-spring town. There is a corner introducing the region on the second floor of the center, so you can deepen your understanding with these exhibits. The third floor of the center is a viewing lounge from where you can enjoy a panoramic view of the high-rise mountains and the lake.

The geyser spouts out every one and a half hours from 9:30 in the morning. From April to September, the last observation time is 17:00, but is 15:00 in other seasons. The height of the geyser is about 5 m. It used to spout out hot water as high as about 50 m, the highest in Japan, but the spouting power has gradually decreased. The water is now artificially spouted with compressed air. However, that should certainly not blemish the awe-inspiring power of mother nature. Please enjoy the phenomenon with a generous heart.


2-208-90 Kogandori, Suwa City, Nagano
0266-52-8282 (Suwa Lake Geyser Center)
09:00-18:00 (October-March: 09:00-17:00)

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