Yamanashi, Chubu

Beautiful valley in natural surroundings
Where crystal-clear air will soften your heart

Shosenkyo in Kofu City, Yamanashi, is a valley known for its scenic beauty. The beautiful scenery integrating seasonal plants such as cherry blossoms, azalea and colored leaves with the beauty of the landscape of the valley created through millions of years fascinates many people. There is a trail of about 4 km from Tenjinmori at the entrance to Senga-taki that is a grand fall created by a shift of earth crust. Because the difference of elevation is big along the trail, color of leaves varies in foliage season depending on the elevation of the spot. So you can enjoy colored leaves for as long as one month.

There are oddly-shaped rocks in the valley. Huge “Kakuenbo” rock is the place for ascetic training for ancient monk Kakuen according to legends. Other sightseeing spots include Ishimon surrounded by huge granite rocks, famous Nagatoro-bashi bridge built in 1925 and majestic Arakawa Dam. Walk about 5 minutes from Itajiki-keikoku near Arakawa Dam and you will see O-taki. Both Senga-taki mentioned above and O-taki drop 30 m but their atmosphere is completely different. It will be fun to compare them.


Takanari-cho, Kofu City, Yamanashi
055-287-2158(Shosenkyo Tourism Association)

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