Shirakami Sanchi (Akita)

Akita, Tohoku

Mountainous area with old-growth beech tree forests
Registered as a World Natural Heritage site

Shirakami Sanchi is a collective term for the mountainous area from the northwest of Akita to the southwest of Aomori. The place was registered as a UNESCO World Natural Heritage site in 1993. The area has 200 meter to 1250 meter mountains famous for old-growth beech forests that may be the largest in East Asia. Beech is a deciduous broad-leaved tree representing cool-temperate forests. With plenty of rivers, ponds and swamps, Shirakami Sanchi, especially its beech forests, is a place where different animals and plants are living in their natural state according to the elevation and geography.

The area registered as a World Natural Heritage site is situated at the heart of Shirakami Sanchi. Because its severe weather conditions including high rainfalland snowfall and low average annual temperature have prevented logging and development here, the unique ecosystem of the surrounding area has long been protected.

Since the registration as a World Natural Heritage site, entry into the area is restricted to climbing using existing walkways in order to control human impact on the natural environment. Please note that walking outside of the existing walkways requires prior notification.


6363 Satoguri, Fujikoto, Fujisato-machi, Yamamoto-gun, Akita
0185-79-3001 (Fujisato Nature Conservation Office)