Poplar Namiki (tree-lined)

Hokkaido, Hokkaido

After a typhoon blew down trees in a popular spot in Hokkaido, people's enthusiasm for restoration can be felt

There is a street within the campus of Hokkaido University lined with large poplar trees on both sides. Many tourists visit the place from throughout Japan, regardless of the season, to see the tall trees growing toward the sky with abundant green leaves.

These lines of poplar trees were originally planted in 1903 for practical training within the farm of the former Sapporo Agricultural College, which was the predecessor of Hokkaido University. Rows of more than 100-year-old trees create an idyllic atmosphere together with the wide sky.

Unfortunately, a typhoon that hit the area in 2004 knocked down about half of these poplar trees. The street became off limits, and the fallen trees were restored while young trees were planted. Therefore, you can currently see only a fraction of the entire line of trees. However, it may be enough to imagine what it was like before. Donations were made all over the country for putting the poplar trees back, which are symbols of not only Hokkaido University but also the entire Hokkaido, and the people in the region are working hard for restoration. You will feel their enthusiasm when visiting the place.


10 Kitajyunijyonishi, Kita-ku, Sapporo City, Hokkaido
011-716-2111 (Hokkaido University)

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