Oku-bungo Olle

Oita, Kyushu

Oku-Bungo Olle course is one of the most popular Olle courses in Kyushu. The course starts at the Asaji station in Bungo-Ono city, finishes at Taketa Hot Spring Hanamizuki. The course is a 12km long, dotted with historical sites and natural beauty such as Oka castle ruins, Yujyaku Park, stone Buddha at Fuko-ji temple and geographically precious “pillar river bed” at Sokawa, to mention a few. Taking the hot spring after the walk is the best way to unwind.


Olle is originated in Jeju, Korea. It is a Korean style walking in the countryside and has become popular in Kyushu where 15 courses have been officially certified.
Course distance: 12 km
Standard duration: 4 hours
Tip: Recommended to take something to drink and eat with you since there will be almost no restaurants and shops along the course

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