Kochi, Shikoku

Exposure to the traditional culture in valleys surrounded by beautiful mountains

In Okumonobe spreading around the headstream of the Monobe River, you can enjoy camping, fishing and colored leaves in the beautiful landscape of mountains and valleys. There are a number of mountains suitable for climbing. From their top, you can see the Seto Inland Sea and the Pacific on a fine day. A lake festival is held at Lake Okumonobe in summer. Fireworks shot over thousands of lanterns floating on the water create a phantastic scene.

A folk belief called “Izanagi-ryu” has been passed down in local villages for several hundred years. Izanagi is one of ancient gods but the belief is not systematized as religion. A person selected from among villagers serves as an officel called “tayu” and holds rituals. Izanagi-ryu has a kagura dance that is designated as significant intangible folk cultural asset. Seven or eight persons dance accompanied by drums and prayer beads. There are programs to view and experience playing the kagura in a hotspring resort in the vicinity during the periods of January to May and September to Dececmber. In the region that has maintained its unique culture, we may be able to return back to a natural human state.


Monobe-cho-odochi, Kami, Kochi

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