Noboribetsu Primeval Forest

Hokkaido, Hokkaido

Reservoir of plants favoring warm climate
Spreading around Noboribetsu Hot Spring

If you wish to spend a leisurely time in Noboribetsu Hot Spring, strolling in Old-growth Forests in Noboribetsu is recommended. You will hear singing of birds and rustling of trees. This is a reservoir of precious plants registered as a Natural Monument of Japan. There are multitudes of plants favoring warm climate in the area of about 186 hectares because it is surrounded by hot springs and close to the sea. About 60 kinds of trees and 110 kinds of grass plants grow here.

There are various hiking trails around Noboribetsu Park Center. Walking the nature trail through giant Mongolian oaks, you can enjoy natural landscape to your heart’s content. Especially the seasons of new green leaves and colored leaves are best suited for refreshing trekking comforted by beautiful plants. Many hot-spring-related must-see sights include Jigokudani where water vapor is spurting from numerous holes (about 270 m walk) and Oyunuma that has a natural footbath flowing like a stream (about 410 m walk). In late-March, you may hear great spotted woodpeckers or grey-headed woodpeckes pecking wood or, if you are lucky, see them flying.


Noboribetsu Onsenmachi, Noboribetsu, Hokkaido
0143-84-3311(Noboribetsu Tourist Association)

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