Naruko Valley

Miyagi, Tohoku

Stunning view of 100 m deep gorge colored with autumn leaves
The city has 5 unique hot spring resorts in it

Narukokyo is a gorge located in the northwest part of Miyagi Prefecture. The Otani River has formed V-shaped valleys among the mountains and there is a range of cliffs of 100 m high. This site is well known for its beautiful autumn scenery. You can enjoy a stunning landscape featuring yellow and red leaves of maple and beech trees which compose a beautiful contrast with the green pine trees in every October to early November. Since paths and Route 47 run along the valley, you can either enjoy the view from a car or a bus, or walk around and watch the panoramic views of nature as much as you want.

Naruko-cho (Naruko Town) is also famous for hot springs. A bundle of 5 hot spring resorts, i.e. Naruko Onsen, Higashi-naruko Onsen, Kawatabi Onsen, Nakayamadaira Onsen, and Onikobe Onsen, is known as “Naruko Onse-kyo.” There are 400 springs inside Naruko Onsen-kyo ranging across 9 of 11 types of hot spring water. You can enjoy travelling around unique hot spring areas from towns with modern accommodation to cozy & traditional hot spring villages.


Naruko Onsen, Osaki City, Miyagi
0229-83-3441 (Naruko Information Center for Sightseeing and Accommodation)

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