Mt. Haguro

Yamagata, Tohoku

Cedar trees and stone steps stretching as far as you can see
Make you feel thoughts and wishes of the people of the past

Mount Haguro is one of the Three Mountains of Dewa (the other two are Gassan and Yudonoyama) in the Shonai area, Yamagata. Sanzan-Gosai-den shrine at the 412 m summit venerates the spirits of all three mountains.

It is about one hour by foot from Zuishinmon gate at the entrance of the mountain to the summit. The cedar trees along the way are very beautiful. About 600 cedar trees that have lived 500 years create a sublime view along the approach to Sanzan-Gosai-den. Among them a cedar tree called “Jijisugi” (old man cedar) is estimated to have lived 1000 years and its trunk is about 10 m around. Near the JIjisugi, is Hagurosan Goju-to (five-story pagoda), the oldest pagoda in Tohoku. Be sure to see the beautiful pagoda that was built without using any nails and is likened to “A white bird just about to take flight.”

The three mountains of Dewa, including Mount Haguro, have been well known as places for Shugendo training in mountains. Climbing the 2446 stone steps from Zuishinmon gate to the summit and walking along the lines of cedars, you may relive the feeling of practitioners in the past. Mount Haguro is a place where we acknowledge the value of our daily life and are moved by the clean water and air.


Haguroyama, Haguromachitoge, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata
0235-62-4727 (Tsuruoka City Haguro Office, Tourist, Commerce and Industry Unit)

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